“6 Players does a Titan Make”

What defines the quality of a multi-player shooter these days?

Is it graphics? Is it frame rate? or is it how easy or hard the game is?

If you strip mult-player gaming down to its core fundamentals it essentially is any game that lets you play with more than a single person. This can take the form of a dedicated Co-Op experience with a single buddy or the opposite side of extreme and be a massively multi-player game Ala’ World of Warcraft.

No matter what your preference of multi-player is ,its safe to say that playing with friends or strangers is an exciting feature in games these days.

Yes Please!!!!!!

Then why is it that there are legions of entitled players in the world redefining the minimum requirement of players to be involved in a multi-player experience ? Of course this argument has been making the rounds for years now and every time a Battlefield game gets launched on console you here the inevitable screams from the fan base saying ” sacrilege…Battlefield was meant to be played with 64 players on PC!”

Pop Quiz: Can anyone tell me the largest amount of players supported on XBOX360 and of course the name of said game? Stay tuned to the end of this article and Ill tell you :) 

The latest argument has been kicked off with the announcement that the soon to be released game TITAN FALL will ship with a ” meager” offering of 6v6 head to head multi-player.

Respawn ( the games developers) have made a conscious design choice to limit the matches to 6 players on either  team. This is of course supplemented with a healthy supply of AI troops populating the battlefield to create a sense of scale and give teams some cannon fodder to buff their self esteem.

The key wording here is that this was a pre-meditated design choice by the developers ; NOT a technical limitation ( Yes Battlefield games have a technical restriction on console folks). Shouldn’t we trust that these guys know there own game and have also play tested it while developing it?

Titan Fall will not have a shortage of stuff to shoot at .

I for one do not need Titan Fall to be a 64 players “Mech Fest” and am quite happy to fill that void by the AMAZING Battlefield 4 that I have installed on my console.

There is of course the whole issue of Game Balance to consider as well. When you start throwing in more players the dynamics of the game itself begin to buckle. Things like Map layout  and design become crucial to whether or not the game becomes broken. Team Cohesion and synergy takes a back seat to random amounts of players running around a map like a BOT. Keep in mind that no game has successfully thrown an entire 32 man team into one squad or fire team. I cant even imagine using call outs with that large of a player count!

Large scale combat also adds fuel to the age old whining of Camping. When you create a map that supports large amounts of players you will always find players who are too lazy to walk a few feet in it; instead electing to set up camp on a rooftop or in a bush and wait for an unlucky player to stroll across his/her path.

More players in a multi-player game does not make it better it simply turns it into a different experience.

From a competitive gaming point of view ; I am actually very happy to hear that TITAN FALL will only be supporting 6v6 matches. This puts it squarely in our sights for a PRO selected title and will make facilitating tournaments that much easier. Teams will work together better and the intensity will ramp up thanks to our little AI friends.

Mmmmm....I wonder if this guy is a real player?
Mmmmm….I wonder if this guy is a real player?

Respawn entertainment has crafted a shooter with specific intent and is playing by its rules. IT IS NOT Battlefield 4 in Mechs but I applaud them for waiting to create an atmosphere akin to Dices shooter even if it is an illusion created with cloud powered AI troops.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash

Pop Quiz Answer: The game is Frontlines Fuel of War ( Xbox 360/PC exclusive) developed by KAOS studios ( also created Homefront).Frontlines

The maximum player count in that game was 50 players on a dedicated server that KAOS hosted

Killer Instinct: Introduction and Mechanics Guide

Introduction: I want to give a big shout out to “Crazy Naplam88″ on the official Killer Instinct forums (http://www.doublehelixgames.com/)   for creating this masterful document. KI is am amazing return to form of the classic fighting game. The game is currently FREE on XBOX One and uses a Micro transaction model to buy character that you want to play. I encourage everyone to download it and give it a whirl. The guide below will help you on your journey to the top!

If you’re familiar with traditional Street Fighter controls, it will not be difficult to learn Killer Instinct’s controls. The control layout is identical to SF, with three punches and three kicks serving as the primary attack buttons. At E3, every Killer Instinct setup was accompanied by two Mad Catz Arcade FightStick TE2s. For the time being, let’s assume that will be the case at Evo as well.

While you can change the button configuration, this was the default button layout:



Basic Game Mechanics Part 1

To make the most of your short time with Killer Instinct at, you must understand the basic elements of the game system. In this section, you’ll learn how the round structure works, as well as the basic flow of combos. KI is a very combo-heavy fighting game. If you do not know how to properly execute combos, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage.

First life bar.


Second life bar.


If you’ve played a Killer Instinct game before, you know that it does not use rounds in the traditional sense. Instead, each character’s life bar is divided into two sections. The first section is green. When that is depleted, the game takes a short break and a red life bar appears, then the game resumes. When one character’s red life bar is depleted, the game is over.

It’s important to note that both players can move around during the short break between life bars. This allows you to potentially escape a bad corner situation or just back away from an opponent to get some breathing room.

Combo Flow:
Combos have a very specific flow in Killer Instinct. While the system is more open than it was in the previous games, it’s important to know how combos work in order to maximize damage and make it more difficult for an opponent to use a Combo Breaker. The general flow of a combo is as follows:

Opener > Auto-Double / Manual > Linker / Shadow Linker > Auto-Double / Manual > Ender

You can mix and match to be a little more creative with your combos, or use an Ender earlier in a combo to cut it short, but this is the basic structure of a Killer Instinct combo. If you ignore this, you will have a difficult time performing combos in the game.

The easiest way to extend a combo is by using an Auto-Double. After an Opener or Linker, an Auto-Double performs two consecutive hits. You can follow an Auto-Double with another Linker or an Ender, depending on how you wish to continue your combo.

In the original Killer Instinct, the general rule on Auto-Doubles was to use the immediately weaker button following an Opener or Linker (Heavy to Medium, Medium to Light, or Light to Heavy). For example, if you use Jago’s MK Wind Kick, you would follow with LP or LK as an Auto-Double. The new system is far more lenient, allowing any attack button to be used as an Auto-Double.JagoRender_zps7af79c80

While an Auto-Double is relatively easy to execute, it’s also fairly easy to break. An opponent has from the initial frame of the first hit in an Auto-Double until the final frame of the second hit to perform a Combo Breaker. At the highest level of play, it should not be difficult to break Auto-Doubles on-reaction.

A Manual is used in the same situation as an Auto-Double. However, instead of two hits, you only get one. In addition, the timing is stricter to execute a Manual compared to an Auto-Double. To execute a Manual, you must input the command at the end of the previous attack. The window to input the command is much smaller than that of an Auto-Double, and if you mistime the input, you’ll more than likely either drop the combo or get an Auto-Double instead of a Manual. In Street Fighter terms, think of an Auto-Double being as easy to execute as a Target Combo, while a Manual is similar to a 1-frame Link (although the timing is closer to a 3-4 frame link).

When you first start to play Killer Instinct, Auto-Doubles will probably be your main focus during combos. However, once you’ve grown accustomed to the combo system, you should focus more on Manuals. It is much harder to break a Manual compared to an Auto-Double, and Manuals are the best way to maximize damage without using a meter.

Linkers are another way to extend combos in Killer Instinct. You can use a special move or Shadow move as a Linker. For the most part, a Medium special move used in a combo serves as a Linker. In basic combos, Linkers bridge the gap between Manuals or Auto-Doubles, but as the KI combo system is fairly open, you can get creative with your use of Linkers, Manuals and Auto-Doubles.

Enders are essentially Heavy special moves used at the end of a combo. However, certain Enders have specific properties. For instance, Sabrewulf’s HP Ragged Edge causes a wall bounce that leaves an opponent stunned for a short time (in the corner only). Other Enders may cause a juggle state, additional meter gain or maximum damage.

Note: It is EXTREMELY important to complete every possible combo with an Ender to achieve maximum damage.

Basic Game Mechanics Part 2

Once you have the basics of the combo system down, you need to know how to use meter and how to best defend yourself. This section covers Combo Breakers, combo damage, Ultra Combos, the KV, Shadow and Instinct meters and throws. As an offensive game, Killer Instinct allows you to gain meter very quickly, so it’s important to know what options you have when it comes to using meter.

Combo Breakers:
The Combo Breaker has been a staple of the Killer Instinct series since its inception. To execute a Combo Breaker, in the middle of a combo press the punch and kick buttons equivalent in strength to the attack your opponent is using. For example, you would press MP + MK to break an opponent’s MP Auto-Double.

A successful Combo Breaker stops a combo and builds Instinct Meter. However, if you miss a Combo Breaker or use it on an attack that cannot be broken, an exclamation point appears by your character. This indicates that you cannot attempt another Combo Breaker for three seconds (180 frames), giving an opponent ample time to accumulate damage. A red X with an exclamation point means that you used the wrong strength Combo Breaker, while an orange X with an exclamation point indicates a mistimed Combo Breaker.

In the original KI, the highest level of play revolved around unbreakable combos. However, in the new KI, the plan is to make sure that everything can be broken in some way. As of the E3 build, Enders, Shadow Linkers and Ultra Combos could not be broken by conventional Combo Breakers. It is currently unknown how or if these attacks can be broken by other means.

Counter Breakers (Bluffs)
A Combo Breaker stops an opponent’s combo. A Counter Breaker stops an opponent’s Combo Breaker. If you anticipate an opponent is going to attempt a Combo Breaker, press MP+MK to stop your combo and execute a Bluff. When this happens, your character performs a unique Bluff animation. If the opponent attempts a Combo Breaker during this brief animation, you will automatically perform a Counter Breaker. This causes the opponent to be locked out for four seconds (240 frames), allowing you to inflict as much damage as possible before they can use another Combo Breaker.

In most cases using a Counter Breaker is a guess based on when you think an opponent will attempt a Combo Breaker. If you guess incorrectly, your character is left open to an attack for a short time. If you over use Bluffs, you’ll not only interrupt your combo and lose damage, you’ll also be very susceptible to an attack from the opponent. Be very careful when attempting a Bluff.

KV Meter and Combo Damage:
The KV meter appears after two hits.


It fills as you continue a combo.


Use a combo Ender before it maxes out.


During every combo in Killer Instinct, a white bar appears under the combo hit counter. This is called the Knockout Value or KV meter. With each additional hit in your combo, the bar increases until it turns red. This meter is a visual representation of your potential combo length and damage. If you do not use a proper Ender by the time the KV meter turns red, the opponent is knocked away, you lose all of the built-up potential damage and your total combo damage suffers greatly.

Auto-Doubles cache up to 50 percent of their damage during a combo. That damage is lost if you do not use a proper Ender. Manuals and certain attacks cause the KV meter to build slower compared to using Auto-Doubles (allowing for more attacks in a combo). Shadow attacks do not build any KV meter at all.

For example, a 10-hit combo with Jago that does not use a proper Ender may inflict 12 percent damage. However, an eight-hit combo with a proper Ender could easily inflict 20 percent damage or more. If you’re not getting much damage out of your combos, chances are you’re simply not using a proper Ender.

Shadow Meter:
Half a Shadow meter allows you to use a Shadow attack.


A full Shadow meter allows you to use two Shadow attacks.


The Shadow meter is the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s cut into halves and provides access to Shadow versions of special moves. For Street Fighter players, think of Shadow attacks as EX special moves. They’re executed with two Punch or Kick buttons instead of one, and use 50 percent of your Shadow meter. The meter is used anytime you execute a Shadow attack, whether as a standalone attack or as a Shadow Linker during a combo.

Shadow Linkers inflict far more damage than a normal Linker and cannot be broken with a Combo Breaker. In addition, Shadow attacks generally have unique properties. For instance, Jago’s Shadow Wind Kick is projectile invincible (goes through fireballs).

The Shadow meter fills when inflicting damage on an opponent, or when an opponent blocks your attacks. Due to the heavy offensive focus of Killer Instinct, the Shadow meter fills up extremely fast when an opponent blocks. In the E3 build, four blocked fireballs gave Jago a FULL Shadow meter.

Shadow Breakers
A Shadow Breaker is essentially a Combo Breaker performed during a Shadow Linker. All Shadow Linkers consist of five hits. The speed of these hits varies with each Shadow Linker. In order to perform a Shadow Breaker, you must press MP+MK during any three of the five hits in a Shadow Linker. The timing can be tricky, but if you’re successful with the first attempt, the announcer yells, “One.” If you’re successful with the second attempt, the announcer yells, “Two.” If you connect with the third MP+MK attempt, the Shadow Linker will be broken.

575px-SaberwolfRender_zpsda885e42Keep in mind, the opponent can hear the announcer just as well as you can. This means that they can be ready to perform a Bluff once they hear “one” or “two” from the announcer. While the timing can be more difficult, if you can hit the first two breaker attempts during the first two hits of the Shadow Linker, you’ll have any of the last three hits in the Shadow Linker to connect the last breaker attempt. This can help prevent a Bluff or bait the offensive player into a Bluff when you have no intention of using a Shadow Breaker.

Shadow Counters
When your Shadow meter has at least one stock (half full), you can execute a Shadow Counter by pressing MP+MK. If an opponent attacks during the Shadow Counter animation, your character will automatically execute a Shadow attack that serves as a combo Opener (and cannot be broken). It’s important to note that the Shadow attack is not immediate. If the opponent is in the middle of a block string, their next attack will almost always interrupt the Shadow attack portion of a Shadow Counter. To avoid this, use a Shadow Counter just before the last hit of a block string. For example, if Jago uses his HP Laser Blade, it’s a two-hit attack. Block the first hit, then use a Shadow Counter just before you block the second hit.

Using a Shadow Counter effectively can be tricky. It’s relatively easy to use when blocking a Shadow attack, because you can block the first four hits, then execute a Shadow Counter. However, the timing for a Shadow Counter is fairly strict. You can’t just mash MP+MK and expect it to work every time. You have to time the Shadow Counter so that it executes just before the opponent’s next attack. You don’t have a large window to use a Shadow Counter, as it’s a very precise strategic tool.

Instinct Meter:
Your character portrait glows when your Instinct meter is full.


New to the Killer Instinct franchise is the Instinct meter. It appears near the top of the screen by the life bars, near your character’s portrait. The Instinct meter fills when you take damage or successfully execute a Combo Breaker. If you initially use Instinct shortly after the meter is full, you should be able to use it again by the time you are in Ultra Combo danger (below 15 percent health in your second life bar).

When full, the Instinct meter allows you to enter Instinct Mode. The attributes of Instinct Mode vary from character to character, but it has been loosely compared to X-Factor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. For example, Jago’s Instinct Mode regains lost health and improves his frame data by +4 block stun and hit stun while Instinct is active, while Sabrewulf gets increased chip (block) damage and a general damage buff.

Instinct Mode can also be used mid-combo to reset the KV meter or even mid-Ultra to “style” on an opponent. After an Instinct Cancel, you can essentially start a brand new combo while the opponent is helpless. Keep in mind, this also gives an opponent more chances to use a Combo Breaker.

Ultra Combos:
When an opponent is down to 15 percent health or below, on their second life bar (the red life bar), it is possible to perform an Ultra Combo. Each character has a unique Ultra Combo input that is generally a special move with all three attack buttons (LK + MK + HK or LP + MP + HP). You can execute an Ultra Combo as soon as the combo counter reads at least two hits. As soon as an Ultra Combo is initiated, it depletes the opponent’s remaining health and the game is essentially over.

Note: Ultra Combos can be Instinct canceled for a longer Ultra, and even continued into a 2nd Ultra by pressing HK+HP

Note: Ultra Combos can also be instantly cancelled at any with an Ultra Ender anytime by pressing MP+MK

Throws in Killer Instinct are very similar to throws in Street Fighter. They are executed by pressing LP + LK. In addition, throws have a large amount of invincibility frames and go through almost any other attack. However, they have very limited range. Jago has the ability to cancel his throw animation into a Shadow attack.

Back Throws are performed the same way, but while pressing or holding back as you’re throwing, some characters can combo off of back throws.

Air Throws are also performed by pressing LP+LK in the air, opponent also has to be in the air.


Written by DrDogg for PrimaGames found here:


Battlefield 4 Domination mode: Conquest on a diet


Change is always a scary thing; especially when you are talking about a game franchise that you have sunk untold hours of enjoyment into. Gamers inn particular are more passionate than any other community I have ever been a part of. We don’t like change but at the same time we criticize game franchises that don’t innovate.

The Battlefield franchise is perhaps one of the best examples of a passionate fan base that demand the care and attention of a new born baby. With each version of the game that has been released the developers [ Dice] have had to straddle a fine line between re invigorating their game  at the danger of alienating their fan base or leaving the game alone and simply updating the game engine to bring it a new level of presentation.

Luckily for us they have managed to walk the line without falling to one side or the other.

The backbone of Battlefield has always been its massive large scale matches involving up to 64 players working to control a map until the enemies reserves are depleted. This game mode is called Conquest and it exists as the defining match type for anyone who wants to see why Battlefield sits a part from other shooters of its kind.

Conquest has a full war machine at your disposal including Jets, tanks an everything in between! These matches can last up to an hour and truly do feel like a massive full scale war with big stakes on the line ( I know I hate playing for an hour only to loose) but what if you want a conquest style experience in a smaller wrapper?

Welcome to Domination!

Domination is a tight and thrill a minute game mode that makes its introduction in Battlefield 4. Its ” Conquest light” if you will.

Two teams are assembled and tasked with occupying 3 points on the battlefield. The more points that are occupied by a single team causes the opposing team to loose re-spawn tickets faster and faster until they run out and the game ends. The team with re-spawn tickets left wins.NOTE: capturing zones in Domination is a much quicker affair than in Conquest. All it takes is approx 5-8 seconds and you are in the Blue!

What makes Domination so intense is that the flag zones are so close together. DICE has taken existing maps and sectioned off specific areas to function as Domination maps. While you may be able to see the far away beaches on Hainan Resort you cannot go there. Your fight is the hotel itself and your three points are clustered within  ( C flag is in the front parking lot)., and what a fight it is.

Seige of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!
Siege of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!

In Domination you will not have the luxury of driving or flying to your flag zones; and because all the capture points are within a short running distance from each other you wont miss the extra help. Vehicles have been left in the motor-pool in Domination and this is strictly a infantry affair. Lock and Load cause your gun and you are the only tools of destruction you’ll get in this game mode!

Thanks to BF4’s upgraded frostbite engine and more dynamic destructibility; the hotel battleground comes alive like nothing before it. Wood is splintered  like kindling while glass and concrete are  blown away at the hands of grenades and rocket launchers. Michael Bay would be proud!

You wont be getting any rest in this Resort
You wont be getting any rest in this Resort

The key to  this game mode is maximizing your time alive. It inevitable that you will be re spawned but what you do with your spawn tickets is crucial. The temptation is to simply run and gun it to service your K/D ratio but I can tell you first hand that in the end you may end up a hero but your team will not be throwing you a party afterwards.

Capturing flag zones is the quickest and most effective way to glory and victory. One game I played I was feeling pretty good about myself and had a very healthy Kill/Death ratio only to see my name at the bottom of the scorecard. I couldn’t kill enough enemies to drain there tickets because they controlled the map and we where bleeding out troops quicker than we could kill the other teams!

Because of the intensity of this game mode its easy to get caught up in the thrill of simply running and gunning but if you take a breath and make a plan ( preferably with some squad mates) then you will find that you get better results.

Things to remember

  1. Even though its a smaller game mode you still owe a responsibility to the betterment of your squad. Stay Alive and spawn responsibly
  2. Play objective. Its easy  to get caught up in the ” Run N Gun” mentality and with al the chaos around you Kills become your focus. Take  STEP back and plan a strategy.
  3. Be mindful of enemy spawn locations. Spawns flip flop as the game goes and enemies are spawning on their team mates. Watch your corners and put your back to a wall ( Preferably one that wont get destroyed by a rocket launcher!)
  4. Don’t Rush off. Capture and hold…trust another squad to do the same and before you know it you’ll own all the flags!
  5. Don’t get  flustered. its always possible to come back from certain defeat with some team work and map control!

If you haven’t clicked on a domination match in the menu because your not sure what its all about I highly recommend it; just make sure you bring your “big boy” Game; because its not for the faint of heart.


5 Reasons Titanfall Deserves your Respect

Titanfall launches on March 11 here in North America and while the internet is buzzing about why or why not this is a game changing piece of software; I have compiled a short list of reasons you need to stop bickering and listen to me. Enjoy!

1: ” Whats old is new again” The FPS genre has been slipping into a state of laziness for the past 4-5 years while developers churn out near carbon copy games of either others like it or equals to existing franchises. Titanfall is a FRESH new IP and with that comes a sense of freedom from past experiences. We as players get to step into a brand new world and experience all sorts of new moments along with everyone else.

tf_2014There is no ” Late to the party syndrome” where you end up playing a game that everyone else has been learning to master for years. Everyone in  the world is playing it for the first time along with you on day 1 ( or whenever you decide to jump in) Yes people will argue that this is just another FPS albeit with giant Mechs and jet packs but the keen observers have already noted that Titanfall is much more…

Thank you Infinity Ward…err,…Respawn for giving us COD4

2: ” Remember that game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ?” Lest  we forget a time when Call of Duty was actually a good game. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the turning point for the franchise.  COD4 as it was really considered became an overnight success and ushered in a new era of shooters. It single-handedly usurped HALO from its thrown and despite several attempts at revolting ; poor Master Chief and his loyal minions haven’t been able to reclaim it! More than just a financial success; COD4 is viewed as the pinnacle of the series quality.

It introduced us to new concepts for a shooter that pervade all shooters to this day. Experience points, leveling systems, un-lockable’s and the special abilities/perks where more akin to fantasy Role Playing games than they where First person shooters but Infinity Ward where blazing new trails here to be sure and that gamble paid off beyond belief. Hardcore shooter fans soon adopted the concepts of a progressive leveling system in a military FPS. It was like  dropping a chocolate bar into a tub of peanut butter…

This guy is having FUN…must be playing Titanfall

3:” Fun…you remember what fun is ?” Gamers have lost there way. This is a general statement across all genres and not just shooting games. As a gamer who has played games since 1977 and literally seen the evolution of the gaming industry I can personally tell you that the internet has destroyed the soul of a true gamer! Daily I read forums and message  boards and they are filled with ” gamers” who are ranting about game graphics, frame rates, which consoles are better and why games suck….as in every game! For every positive comment about a particular game there is at least 10 more negative. The internet is sucking the soul out of gaming. I remember a time when there was no internet. A time when you where excited to walk into your local game shop < yes they had them back in the day> and discover a new game. You bought it without knowing much about it and guess what…You enjoyed it because it was something new and different. It didn’t get judged on a website by privileged little kids who think that they can make video games better  than the developers themselves. Titanfall is SUPER FUN! The game is fast paced and is always engaging. Playing the BETA I can tell  you that I caught myself grinning more often than naught and I was experiencing something I haven’t felt in a long time. FUN. Running, boosting, shooting, piloting Titans and seeing my character level over the course of every match I played was thrilling and exciting.I couldn’t stop playing and that was just on two maps ! Titanfall puts the FUN back into FPS  ( err…..maybe a new genre called FFPS )

4: ” Gameplay trumps Graphics” The whole industry is obsessed with resolution ( 1080p versus 720p) and gamers are now the equivalent of spoiled little brats when it comes to how video games look. Remember when games where comprised of just square blocks bouncing another square block between them? How about that game called Pac-Man that sits in the history books as one of the most famous video games of all  time.

Yeah I actually owned this game……and loved it!

Those are extreme examples from an era of gaming that most of you have never experienced. The point Im getting at iis that the expectations of gamers in this generation is that better graphics makes a better game and when a game doesnt boast 1080p resolution or 60FPS the game in question instant;y becomes a lesser valued product subjected to ridicule by the Internet. Without a solid foundation it doesnt matter what the game looks like; especially considering that in most FPS games today you barely have time to look around much less admire the scenery! Titanfall is forecast to be running 60FPS and boast resolution of 720-900p. I challenge anyone who has played it that the game doesn’t look and play amazingly well, despite not being native 1080p .

5:”Because Its the game we deserve, but not the one it wants”  To be honest I don’t think anyone knows what exactly they want anymore. Millions of players complain about games being the same year over year and that there is no more diversity in the market. Those same gamers complain when a developer changes something in an established franchise in order to ” shake things up” Its a viscous circle of ” we want change” and ” don’t you dare change what we love”. This industry relies on consumers buying the software nd not the hardware we play it on. Developers know that any deviation from the status quo could turn and amazing idea into an abysmall failure and in most cases a nail in the coffin for the studio. No one wants to temp fate and the ones who have paid dearly for thier ambition.

Titanfall may in fact be more badass than Batman !
Titanfall may in fact be more badass than Batman !

Respawn entertainment is a new studio with nothing to lose. No established franchise, No built in fan base. They literally have an opportunity to create something special here without bowing to the needs or wants of the fans. They are going  to create new ones with Titanfall and the only real question I have about the game is…where do we go from here?

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


Tomb Raider: Multi Player the PRO way

Tomb-Raider-Strategy-guide Tomb Raiser launched back in 2013 and vanished just as quickly from the market. It enjoyed a few months in the spotlight and Lara’s return was heralded with good reviews and critical praise. The game also shipped with a multi player component that to this day goes largely un played. What follows is a intro guide to that feature of the game written by  Sir Swag G. McBaller of Yoloton ; a committed member of the Tomb Raider community. I encourage all of you reading  to take some time and play this game and jump into Tomb Raider Multi player…if nothing else to experience something other than a competitive game that doesn’t involve ” Quickscoping” and “Killstreaks” -Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Are you tired of jumping into a game only to be gunned down by high leveled players? If you’re new then here’s some quick tips.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (9)
Time to bring ol painless outta the bag!
steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (7)
Katniss aint got nuthin on Lara

Weapons As Survivors, abuse the “Frag Grenade (level 1)” for easy kills. It’s the noob tube of Tomb Raider. It has long distance, a large splash zone, and almost always kills in one hit unless they have “Grenadier (level 12)” Survival Skill. Know where the Salvage Crates on the map are because you only start with 1 ammo. The Salvage Crates respawn quickly, too. As Solarii, always have the Magnum Pistol (level 20) as your sidearm.   It’s very accurate, quick, powerful, and reloads fast. Many players even use it as their main weapon. Place “Fake Ammo Boxes (level 11, Solarii)” and “Land Mines (level 15, Survivor)” in spots where players will often travel through to maximize kill counts. For example, exit points from their base. Or use them to cover your back in case someone sneaks up behind you. In every map, there are two super weapons: the Minigun and the Competition Bow. If you find them, use them! They’re the best weapons. They have absolutely no downsides. They don’t even take up your primary weapon slot as they have their own 4th slot. A few points on them: Only either one can exist on the map. So your map will either have the Minigun or the Competiton Bow, but not both. But which one is random. There are three (3) spawn points on the map. These spawn points are permanent. They disappear after 30 seconds being on the ground. After disappearing, they will respawn after 60 seconds in one of the three (3) locations randomly. The Competition Bow is a one hit kill at full charge, but it charges very quickly and can be held infinitely. The Minigun is extremely powerful. It’s surprisingly accurate, can kill in two hits, and shoots almost instantly. You’ll never run out of ammo because you’re far more likely to die before that. You can shoot 100 rounds continuously before it gets overheated, but it’ll cool down quickly.

Skills The “Bulletproof (level 14)” Survival Skill is good because of most of your deaths will come from bullets. Against headshots, it’s nearly useless, but it can make the difference when retreating from gunfire or that firefight. If you’re Solarii, use the “Grenadier (level 12)” Survival Skill against the Survivors. Survivor teams will mostly likely abuse the Frag Grenade, and it’ll help you survive splash damage. Even a direct shot at full health. steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (10)steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (13)Be warned, it WILL cause you to fall and stagger so they can easily just shoot you to death if they see you surviving the explosion. Bulletproof and Grenadier are my most used perks. The “Second Wind (level 27)” Offensive Skill is excellent to traveling across the map faster. Default sprinting doesn’t last that long and can be frustrating to run out when you need it. Getting where you need be is important. I use this on all my loudouts. If you like shooting arrows, use “Pincushion (level 6)” because it’ll defend against other archers. You can survive a charged shot from full health, otherwise, you’d die.

Movement Jump a lot to make yourself a harder target. Be careful, you’re completely vulnerable until you land on the ground again, but you can steer your character in the air. Like jumping, rolling can make you a harder target, too. Use it to dodge shots. But be careful.

Hop Like a bunny !
Hop Like a bunny !

You do NOT have an invincibility frames during the rolling animation, and there is some delay after rolling. I suggest usually rolling sideways to dodge shots. Don’t bother ascending the ropes. You’ll be shot easily. It’s better to travel down on them, but you’ll still be an easy target.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (20)
Stealth kills FTW

Melee If you’re opponent is very close, consider using your Melee. It can kill in two or even one hit. However, it is somewhat slow, but has fairly wide range. If you hold your Melee, you can go into a running charge. If you collide with anyone, you’ll do an INSTANT kill. But you’ll need some starting distance for it to work. You can’t do it right next to someone. Some important tips on charging Melee: You can CANCEL your charging animation by jumping. If you simply let go, you will just swipe your pickaxe which has a laggy animation so it’s always better to just jump-cancel it. You can combine charging Melee with the Second Wind skill to increase the charging length. If you are successful, there are NO invincibility frames so you can be killed during the animation. If you sneak up behind your opponent without notice, you can do an instant Melee kill. But I suggest still doing a charging Melee even from behind because it’s more reliable.

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sorry peeps…gotta be level 60 before you can unlock the Lara multi player character

Character Selection Consider choosing characters that are more brown and darker for camouflage. For example, Lara (level 60) and Smoker (level 20). A character with brighter clothing will be easier to spot and shoot. For example, Steph (level 24) and Pilot (level 48). Environmental Hazards Consider destroying the red, explosive barrels yourself so you don’t have to worry about them being used against you. They have large splash zones and can kill easily if you’re not being mindful. Always set the rope Snare Trap. It’s hard to see, and it’s extremely frustrating against opponents. They’ll lead to a very easy kill because of their enormous delay. Also, it can’t be undone once set. Situational Awareness Listen for sounds. The characters talk a lot and can give away their positions. For example, you can ALWAYS know the Suvivor team is nearby if you hear a feminine voice. Only the Survivor team has female members. The Solarii are all males. Listen for the gruffness in their voices if you’re Survivor. Examples of when characters make noise are: Jumping Reloading Out of ammo Breaking open a Salvage Crate Look out for the death icons of your teammates. This will tell you where your opponents might be. Other If your playing Rescue Mode and need to Revive a downed teammate, it is your SPRINT/DODGE key. I repeat, it’s the SPRINT/DODGE key. I’ve seen countless new players get killed and lose for their team because of this. The game doesn’t tell you except for a very obscure hint in the loading screen. It’s easy to think that it’s the ACTION key, but it isn’t. “Quick Match” isn’t always the best choice if you’re looking to really play.steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (34) The most common played mode is Team Death match. The other modes are more rare to find full games. No one plays Ranked matches. Always Casual matches.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of an often overlooked aspect of the new Tomb Raider game! Now get out there and SURVIVE the Island!!!

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