PRO Titanfall Video Review

      Enjoy the Official PRO review of Titanfall below.


PRO Titanfall Video Review

      Enjoy the Official PRO review of Titanfall below.


” The Killer Instinct” and Interview with Eugene “Kpb” Lugo

Pro had the chance to interview Eugene” Kpb” Lugo on his recent win of the PRO 2014 Killer Instinct” UGR Tournament” and his experience with Fighting games and just how long he has been playing them. Enjoy! PRO Gaming:Congratulations on winning our 2014 Killer Instinct Tournament Eugene. On behalf on PRO and UGR I want […]


How to enter the Killer Instinct Tournament

Our first Tournament of 2014 is almost here and it is a different one than you are used to.We are launching the PRO brand on Feb 9th with a solo fighting event ….NOT an FPS shooter! Being that we have an all new audience of players and participants that have not yet had the chance […]


Killer Instinct: Introduction and Mechanics Guide

Introduction: I want to give a big shout out to “Crazy Naplam88″ on the official Killer Instinct forums (http://www.doublehelixgames.com/)   for creating this masterful document. KI is am amazing return to form of the classic fighting game. The game is currently FREE on XBOX One and uses a Micro transaction model to buy character that you […]


Product Review: One PRO deserves another

This one has been a long time coming. I have had my Tritton PRO+ gaming headset for over a year now and it was a gift/review product from none other than Tritton themselves. Perhaps timing was to blame but it has taken me this long to get around to putting fingers to keys and pound […]

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PRO Titanfall Video Review

      Enjoy the Official PRO review of Titanfall below.


Titanfall Community Game Night

“ Stand by for Titanfall !” To celebrate the launch of Titanfall ; UGR gaming and PRO are collaborating on a Community Game Night on March 22nd. This event is a casual night of Titanfall gaming with a twist. All participants MUST register ahead of time on the UGR Facebook event page. Prior to the […]


PRO opens its doors to Competitive Clans

Competitive gaming is a funny thing. On one hand you have a segment of the gaming public who have been stereotyped as an elite clique’ of players who dedicate way too much time of their lives perfecting their ability in a game of their personnel choice. These gamers are typically described as “Die Hard” and […]


Friday Night Fight Club

“Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Third rule of Fight Club: someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two guys to a […]


5 Reasons Titanfall Deserves your Respect

Titanfall launches on March 11 here in North America and while the internet is buzzing about why or why not this is a game changing piece of software; I have compiled a short list of reasons you need to stop bickering and listen to me. Enjoy! 1: ” Whats old is new again” The FPS […]


Tomb Raider: Multi Player the PRO way

Tomb Raiser launched back in 2013 and vanished just as quickly from the market. It enjoyed a few months in the spotlight and Lara’s return was heralded with good reviews and critical praise. The game also shipped with a multi player component that to this day goes largely un played. What follows is a intro guide to that […]


PGV presents Thief Livestream Tuesday Feb 25th 11am PST.

Join “PgV-DruiK” on Tuesday February 25th as he sneaks his way through THIEF on Playstation 4 via Livestream. Druik AKA “Spitfire” will be kicking off his adventure at 11:00am PST and streaming the EPIC adventure on TWITCH TV. PgV-Druik is the co-founder of PRO and head of Pro Gaming Victoria. He is at the forefront […]


Call of Duty: A Ghost of it’s Former Self

. Its time to take a step back and have a really hard look at the state of Call of Duty’s Multi player offering. In 2005 the world was introduced to the XBOX360 with a small launch line up consisting of some up scaled ports and some original titles and a little game called Call […]


The Anatomy of a Team Card

NEXUS has only been LIVE for a couple days now but I thought I would take some time to show all of our readers what a “Team Card” is. A Team Card is what we create for our teams after they have signed up and submitted their information to PRO for approval. The whole point […]


Enter the NEXUS

  PRO has launched! By this I mean that our official website is now live to the public and gamer’s can now learn more about what we are doing in addition to experiencing the creative direction we are going with the company. The site does not have a ton of content at the moment and […]

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