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Killer Instinct 2014 Tournament video results

February 9th was an important day for us here at EGU/PRO. We have spent the last year re branding our company and getting our systems in place to start hosting regular events. The launching of Next-Gen consoles has in actual fact slowed our stride.

Now we all know that having new hardware is undeniably an exciting prospect but when it comes to the competitive community it actually serves to fragment the player base. Imagine pre-next gen launch; We want to host a tournament for a popular game. We have 2 platforms to cater to and organize the event around….now we have 4.


PRO made the conscious decision to be NEXT GEN exclusively and to that end we also have a challenge in deciding exactly what games to support and host events for this early in the console generation.

When  it comes to fighting games thankfully that choice is simple. There aren’t any option i this genre yet and with XBOX One giving us an amazing remake of a RETRO title from the mid 90’s we were off to the races.

The event was requested by UGR gaming and we stepped up to support it. The original rules and details can be found HERE.

We pulled in a small participant list but everyone was passionate and dedicated to kicking it off. Below is the gameplay footage of the entire tournament for your enjoyment in case you missed the live event!

Thanks to everyone involved that made it possible. I am excited to say that PRO is officially on its way for 2014!


Going Competitive in Next Gen

Well it’s finally here. 2014 has finally ushered in the arrival of Next Gen consoles and with it a bevy of new potential competitive games to takes its place in the halls of the greats in the Competitive gaming sub culture.

Counterstrike, Quake, Unreal Tournament,Tribes, Battlefield, Call of Duty, HALO…theses are but a few of the games that gamer’s have flocked to over the years in an attempt  to prove that they are the best.

E-Sports has become such a huge phenomenon within the hobby over the past decade and as we roll into a new generation of consoles the question looms in the minds of these online warriors; ” What game will take the crown this generation?”

Now while I acknowledge that there are a wide variety of competitive titles  across the gaming landscape these days and there is no denying the staying power of League of Legends and even games in other genres, for this article I will be solely focusing on the ” Shooter” market.

Have a look at some of the titles we are looking forward to this year and beyond to satisfy our inner competitor.

COD gHOSTS MOVIE PAGECall of Duty: Activision has thrown in early in the Next Gen game and Ghosts represents the first next-gen entry in the franchise. The game itself is all Previous Gen however and feels ” thrown together” for the sake of a hardware launch window.Its a rehash off older games but satisfies the craving of that COD addiction the planet has!

bf4-enjinBattlefield : EA not to be outdone has also gotten in early with its 4th numerical release and while suffering some rocky starts in the Next Gen, the brand shows signs of continuing well into the future. EA has not made the game E Sport friendly and at launch we are lacking private servers/private matches as well as any tools to host tournaments on console. The game plays amazing but Dice and EA need to fix it quick  in order for it to be considered viable for Tournament play.The problem with past battlefield titles on console has always been the inability to create a private lobby which is something that is required to run competitive events. While the gameplay is rock solid and the game has its skates laced up we can only hop that it can hit the ice before the next wave of shooters descend upon it.


Titan Fall: Respawn Entertainment is banking big on its first ever title as a studio. Formed from the ashes of the original Infinity Ward this team has created a true next-gen FPS in Titan Fall. With game play that borrows from their learning’s with COD and a little bit Battlefield and a little bit Mechwarrior you have a true recipe for success in a market that is flooded with Modern Military shooters. Titan Fall is poised to take the competitive landscape by storm in March and will pull gamer’s into next-gen competitive gaming!

2309259-destiny_xoneDestiny: The studio that brought us HALO is now ready to break out of their shell and show us what creative freedom and a lot of resources can accomplish. Destiny is one part RPG, one part shooter and a whole lot of Star Wars and Borderlands thrown in for good measure. Although not built as a competitive title as its foremost reason to play Bungie has told us that there will be traditional competitive multi player modes in the game. How this gets balanced with the MMO style character building and weapon /loot grinding remains to be seen. If there past pedigree is any indication , gamer’s should be in for a treat this year when the game launches!

Rainbow-Six-Patriots-WallpaperRainbow Six: Patriots

Not much is known about this game other than a concept video and the promise of a Next Gen Rainbow six title. While foreign to a large part of this generations younger gamers Rainbow once held the shooter crown before Call of Duty ripped it out of its hands. Mixing direct confrontation shooting action with subterfuge and tactics, Rainbow could come back like a glorious Phoenix to the competitive gaming community. The question is however …will the community embrace its unique blend of game play over the now standard ADD inducing ” CODified” shooters.

While these are just a handful of titles that could potential make its way into the E-Sport circle this year  there are sure to more entries as the years come. Many titles enjoy a yearly refresh so we can expect to see ” numerical entries” to follow after the initial launch of some of the new IP’s.

The next wave of games will inevitably bring a new breed of player with it and as the internet explodes with gaming montages and YouTubers don’t dismiss the power of community and especially the community that believes and supports the growing culture of Competitive gaming.

Where does PRO fit into all of this?

Our commitment to ourselves and the community we are growing is to support the  games that you want to play. No title will be dismissed simply because it isn’t the best-selling game in  the market.

We are strapping in for a wild ride and I encourage you to come with us!

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash

HALO 4 retired at EGU


It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that EGU is retiring HALO 4 from our competitive play division. The planned January 20th Tournament did not gather enough interest to be considered viable.

The January 20th Infinity Tournament is cancelled effective now.

We are seeing a trend where players are migrating to other games. We will monitor its interest and if this trend changes and interest resurfaces we will certainly consider it for future events.

For now keep playing and look for news on our Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tournament in February.


Black Ops 2 ” Judgement Day” Tournament



Well the day has finally come! EGU is putting its hand into the world of Call of Duty competitive play! We are in the early stages of organizing the tournamenmt for February of this year.

We have created a sign up forums for this event on our official Website ( and you can click HERE to go directly there.

ONLY 8 teams will be accepted in this Double elimination event.

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners for prizing and hope to announce soon in that regards.

Official Rules and game modes/settings will be posted on the official tournament page as we get closer to the event. For now you simply need to register your team and get ready for this exciting event that will kick start the new year in a BIG way!

As always feel free to message me directly or email me a if you have specefic questions.

Stay Tuned everyone.


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


Fall of Cybertron ” Darkest Hour” tournament announcement


The new year is almost here and with it rings in a new direction for EVO Gaming UNLIMITED. One of the first things to expect from us will be a brand new Tournament for one of my favourite games of 2012; Fall of Cybertron.

Details are still being worked on for this follow up event to our first tournament when the game launched. For now here is what you can expect to see in the ” Darkest Hour” in January 2013!

  • 6v6 team format
  • DLC allowed
  • Double elimination format
  • variety of game modes not just 1 type
  • “Escalation” game mode scoring to determine seeding of tournament ( details to follow)

EGU will be rolling out official rules via our Tournament site at and we encourage all players who are interested to sign up on our forums and start getting involved in the commmunity.

Leading up to the main event in January you will see a focus on ” Escalation” and a dedicated forum section for players to post their top scores.

I am excited to be supporting this game that I feel deserves its place on the shelf of competitive gamers everywhere.


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


Operation Raccoon City: End of Days Tournament Aug 8th

EVO Gaming Unlimited will be teaming up with UGR gaming, Slant Six games and Team Pwnage to bring you ” END OF DAYS”!

This is a 4v4 Double elimination event that marks the first time EGU has teamed up with a partner for a sponsored event.

The event will be cross promoted by Slant Six games; the developers of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon city based in Vancouver BC( just across the pond from us in fact)

EGU will be handling the actual tournament logistics as far as being a facilitator and promoter.

Check out the trailer below and make sure you hit up UGR gaming for all the official rules and details!



URGENT UPDATE:Homefront Resistance 8v8 Tournament





EGU is proud to announce that we are moving forward with our second attempt at a Homefront Ground Control tournament.
This event is an 8v8 Double Elimination Ground control format .
I am truly excited to give Homefront players a competitive outlet and home to interact with the greater Homefront Community.
Below you will find the details on the event ( subject to change)

Registration is now open on our OFFICIAL FORUMS

Date: July 14th
Time: 9pm pst
Cost to enter: FREE

Team Size: 8 players
Maximum Teams: 4 ( small event to guage participation)

Format: Double elimination
Game Modes: Ground Control
Prizing: Winning team received a custom Championship banner to display on there website or forums as well as a follow up interview published on our official Blog site.

MVP player in the tournament will receive a custom sig for forum use
Register for this event via our registration form instructions .

Team captains will be requested to join a private XBL party with EVO Knight( XBL gamertag) on the 14th to cover off score reporting procedures and last minute questions.

If this event is successful I would like to continue to support this game and develop the community further with future events.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash