REACHing the Top: An Interview with Alex”Vorlin”Walger

An Interview with Alex “Vorlin” Walger

Written by Spencer “Spitfire”Alexandruik  

Alex “Vorlin” Walger is known as a professional Halo: Reach player who is currently #1 on the MLG Gamebattles 2v2 Ladder. He is notorious for his skill level and sportsmanship, and a name to look out for in 2012.

S: Ok so first off, do you remember the first game you ever played? What started it all?

A: Quite possibly Pokémon Red.

S: Were you immediately hooked on video games or did it take time to develop?

A: I’m currently working on a remix of the Victory Road song used in that game, I was hooked. I played N64 afterwards, mostly Super Smash Bros, then moved onto Gamecube.

S: When did you make the leap from recreational to competitive gaming?

A: I played Halo 1 campaign a lot at friends’ houses and decided I was going to buy my own Xbox and eventually get Halo 2. I played Halo 2 for a while under the alias Fireteam Ruby (lots of big team battle). Late in Halo 2 I was getting pretty good so I went and competed at the LAN in Ladner BC when I was 12. I won the first round of FFA and everyone was pretty surprised and then I didn’t place well afterwards.

S: How did you discover LAN tournaments?

A: I must have heard about them online from a local.

S: What were your first impressions of LAN Tournaments?

A: I was young (12) so I was overly excited. I was also very cocky. I was impressed by the raw talent around me.

S: Did your placing effect your motivation to continue attending events?

A: It didn’t matter to me; I still wanted to keep playing.

S: From when you first picked up halo to your skill level today, when was it that you consciously made an effort to better yourself?

A: I never tried to better myself. I just played.

S: So it never became a goal for you to learn and adapt? You just played the game?

A: Yeah I just play for fun and now I consider myself one of the better players around.

S: Interesting approach, I’m sure a lot of people would envy it. Did you notice an increase in better placing as you attended more tournaments?

A: Yes, I attended a lot of BCLG LAN events held by Snowpro (James Botwright) and went from placing in the middle of the pack to placing 1st every time. One event I won every single round of FFA against a lot of good local players.

S: Do you think even subconsciously you observed the playstyles/tendancies of your opponents and adapted/improved?

A: Not at all, I just play.

S: You’re really sure of that hey?

A: Yeah I just game and hope for the best

S: So how do you like Reach compared to the other Halos?

A: I find it boring, I miss halo 2 the most because that’s what I grew up playing.

S: Do you also find it easy in comparison?

A: Definitely, if I can play as little as I do and still be one of the best around it’s a pretty easy game in comparison.

S: Do you think that game developers are starting to design games to be easier in order to cater to a more widespread market?

A: Of course, case in point: Call of duty.

S: Does it still frustrate you even knowing as developers this is the smartest move for them financially speaking?

A: I don’t mind at all. I only dislike it when call of duty players think being good at their game takes some sort of skill.

S: Do you think that even with the decreasing requirements to perform well there is a future for competitive gaming?

A: There will always be games that people can compete against each other with. That shouldn’t be a problem.

S: So you plan on sticking with competitive gaming for a while?

A: I am not so sure about that. I feel like I’m running on fumes here. I am competing at a high level online but I never play enough LAN. It’s very expensive to go to MLG events.

S: Have you tried obtaining sponsorship?

A: My doubles partner Fabian has been getting a lot of messages about sponsoring us for 2v2s on Gamebattles but we don’t feel like making any commitments right now. It’s not that easy to obtain a decent sponsor.

S: Any advice for new or current players trying to improve?

A: Put in the hours into the game and you will get results, just not always the ones you expect.

S: Thanks for your time Alex, good luck in 2012.

A: No problem, thanks.


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