Get ready for some REAL tactical shooting action!

A lot of gamers don’t know it’s coming. A lot of gamers don’t even know what the heck it is. A lot of gamers can’t be bothered with a shooting game unless it has the initials COD in the title…But for a large group of us May is going to be the most exciting month of the year when it comes to the shooting game genre!

I’m talking about the glorious return of the Ghost Recon franchise in the form of ” Ghost Recon Future Soldier
There are a tremendous amount of reasons to be excited about this game but the ones that I am most looking forward to is how it will change the dynamic of competitive games as we know it.

These days competitive shooting games encourage a fast paced dare I say it ” Run and Gun” pacing. This is not to say that there isn’t strategy and tactics in play but the concept of team work and coordination often take a back  seat to pure ” get out there and shoot the shit out of everyone else”

Although teamwork is implied in these games very rarely does it become an integral part to achieving victory over your opposing team. In the end a very skilled lone wolf can win the day for his team purely by killing more of the other team regardless of what tactics his/her team mates are trying to use.

The Ghost Recon series has often been refered to as ” the thinking man’s shooter” based on  the fact that the game is mercilessly punishing to players who go online with  the aforementioned ” run and gun” mentality. One hit kills and long-range weaponry are the bane of that type of player. Ghost recon has its own set of rules when  you play competitively and you better damn well abide by them.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is bringing the series into the Future tech era with lots of new gadgets and along with them lots of different ways to engage your opposing team online. Here are a few ways that they have tailored this game  to make you think twice about becoming a lone wolf player when the game ships this may.

Optical Camo: This is a real world tech that is being developed for Future warfare and one day will be refined to allow for combat usage. The GRFS has it now! You basically become a semi invisible soldier that looks like something out the movie ” Predator”. The only drawback is that the faster you move the less effective the camo is. While this may seem like an overpowered ability the fact that you can still be seen creates a cautious approach to using it. Not only that it also literally forces the player to slow down his approach within each match resulting in a less chaotic experience.

Drones: Past Ghost Recon games employed drones as a ” bird in the sky” element that highlighted enemies with red triangles for you and your team mates to see. The latest incarnation of the drone is now pocket-sized and moves with the speed and precision of a real life bird. Not only that you can now adapt the drone for use on the ground essentially becoming a RC car version of the aerial configuration. You can choose what configuration suits your situation at hand.GRAW wrote the book on drones and now GRFS rewrites it and will most likely set the standard for future games that dare to copy this gameplay element.

Cover and suppression: Cover mechanics have pretty much become a rising fad in 3rd person shooters and while some games don’t really require it others truly benefit from it. Previous versions of Ghost Recon failed to bring  that feature into its multi player offerings but in this outing we finally get a cover system and it looks amazing. Cover is a HUGE team play feature. The ability to take a cautious approach to a situation via strategic pieces of cover truly takes  the game from an all out run around shooting affair to a SWAT style engagement. Players now ” post up” and survey the battlefield before moving onward to an objective or capture point. Watching each others back as they ” cover swap” becomes second nature and the game in general takes on a whole different feeling when navigating the multi player maps.
Suppression makes itself known by violently shaking and moving the camera closer to your character during the times when you are under fire from other players. While this may seem like a minor annoyance and a gimmicky way of conveying the emotion and feeling of being in a real firefight ; it actually forces you to call on your team mates to assist you.  You will be shouting to your fellow players informing them of where you are being suppressed from so they can take the offending enemy out. Again all of this serves a purpose in the game and the underlying message is that you aren’t alone out there. You have a team and now its time to use them to make sure you all attain victory together.



Ghost Recon Future Soldier is releasing a public BETA in April on XBOX live. Be sure to keep an eye on this site for updates and details on how to get in and get your hands dirty with one of this years most highly anticipated games that for all intents is very much a ” GHOST’ on everyone gaming radar.


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