Marked for Execution: The Gears 3 mode you need to be playing!

In the world of shooter games these days it’s a gutsy move to try to re invent the wheel as far as game modes go. Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Territories ; These are all established game types and pretty much make their way into any game that includes a multi player component. When Gears of War first launched back in 2006 fans did not get any of the above mentioned game types; in fact it wasnt until last years end of trilogy Gears of War 3 that we finally got a somewhat traditional version of Team Deathmatch. Did we miss it?  No way and that’s because we had Execution!

This time-honored  Gears game mode throws all the rules of traditional modes out the window and delivers a unique set of rules that take some getting used  to at first. Once you get the hang of them you’ll understand why Epic studios chose it over more traditional fare.

Lets start with the basic rules of Execution

Execution games typically consist of 4-5 rounds each game.
Players do NOT have respawns thus each round moves quite quickly. As each player dies they are forced to wait and see who is left standing at the end of each round ( the game provides a very cool way to spectate the remainder of each round if you have been eliminated)
The team who has the last man standing wins that ROUND. The match continues until a team wins a total of 4 rounds; concluding the MATCH

The TWIST to all of this is that in order to kill your opponent you need to get up close and personal and perform an execution.
This sounds dangerous especially for those players bread on traditional Team Deathmatch where dispatching enemies from a distance was the standard way  to rack up kills .To reduce some of the stress this may cause players you can rest easy knowing that your shots will eventually ” put them down” but in order  to truly finish them you’ll need  to close the distance and get in their face.

Oh Im sorry...was this YOUR arm im beating you with!?!?!?

To perform an execution you simply need to press one of your face buttons on your controller. Each of the buttons performs a different execution and the animations also vary depending on the weapon you are holding at the time.
This is the NEW “Tea Bagging” and there is noting to describe the thrill of ripping off an opponents arm and beating him/her with it as a way to claim your kill in a round.

Execution animations can also be unlocked via level progression and some of the more blood curdling execution moves can only be unlocked at the later levels.

With these rules firmly in place Epic studios have dramatically altered the way that players traditionally tackle a multi player match. No longer do you see players running around in the open “running and gunning”. Cover becomes a players best friend and you’ll see players hiding behind it just as often as you see them  reloading their gun( sometimes re loading their gun from behind cover)

Also knowing that your lives are at a premium makes you tackle each engagement with a little more caution and tactics. The ability to revive your team-mate who has been ” put down” places a heavy emphasis on team work and the “buddy system” and makes it clear that this is a game that rewards players for helping a team-mate get back into the fight ( you are awarded for revives)

Some tips for playing execution

  • Always keep your team mates in site; never get caught by yourself because if the other team travels in pairs you’ll eventually get into a situation where you are outnumbered and that never ends well ( most of the time)
  • Identify your cover point. Each map has some very thought out vantage points that benefit the player seeking cover behind them. Know them. Use them.
  • Fight for the ” Power Weapons”. This goes without saying in any game but in Execution when you only have a single life per round all it takes to swing the balance of a round is a couple of kills and owning the power weapons make that a lot easier to do!
  • Spot! Gears of War 3 incorporates a spotting system that allows you to ” call out” opposing players. You do this by clicking your left thumb stick. Do this often .
  • Know when  to execute in style and when to finish an opponent off quickly. It’s not always the best tactic to go in for a fancy cinematic execution when an up close shot with your Gnasher will do. If you have enemies bearing down on you the last thing you want to be doing is watching a beautifuly glorious animation of your finishing blow while an enemy is waiting for it to finish so he/she can blow you into gibble!
  • Most importantly… play smart. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE PER ROUND, make the most of it. If you can take out a few players or even 1 other player per round then you have served your team very well. When you die it tilts the balance towards the other team and in Gears of War 3 all it takes is a split second of faltering before the other teams runs you down and before you know it the match counter has hit 4….as in 4 them!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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