EVO Games February Road Map: A word from EVO Knight

Gottac0n is finally here and once again we are mobilizing our equipment and personell to host Victoria’s annual Convention about all things gaming related ( Video games are just one small part of thier event)
This year however we will not have a home to come back to. EVO Games LAN centre has closed down and we have taken the company in a completely ONLINE direction. This has come at a great cost to us financially and emotionally but I feel confident that the heart and soul of EVO Games will transition to the virtual world quite well. There is talks about hosting our own events on a smaller scale like Gottacon or even planning some tournament events at certain venues throughought the year. I also want to make better use of our YouTube channel and begin streaming gameplay to our loyal community. Pod casts and web series are also a item on the agenda and of course I am also wanting to expand our team. As real world duties start to demand more of my time it will become crucial that we build a core group of people who are able to donate time and energy to making EVO Games a success.
EVO Games is full of potential and you will be a part of that growth in 2012.

Here are a few things that you will see from us in February.

  • Gottacon hosting Feb 3-5th at the Perkes Arena
  • Homefront ONLINE 6v6 kicks off on Feb 11th. This is our first official ONLINE tournament and we already have almost 24 players ready to go! It is a small tournament but will allow us to get valuable info on what we need to do on the future and hopefully we can start offering some paid tournaments that come with a prize pool.
  • More EVO Unlimited articles. This BLOG site will continue to evolve and be a source for all things related to comptietive gaming. You will start to see game reviews pop up as they pertain to the area of competitive gaming and of course opinionns and articles that will help you be a better player.
  • A GEARS OF WAR 3 ONLINE TOURNAMENT: Although the details havent been firmed up; I am going  to be looking for a local sponsor and hope that near the end of February we can launch a PAID tournament with a signifigant prize pool < cash + sponsor donated>. Gears of War 3 is an amazing game and is very balanced for online play. It deserves it and so do you loyal Gears fans!
  • MW3 will be removed from our competitive gaming line up. For some this will be a sad day but my feedback and experience so far with this game is that it is filled with balance issues and griefing. It is a line in the sand I am prepared to make with this game.
  • More diversity of competitive titles in our roster. We currently are very heavily shooter focused and I want to see other genres represented. Expect to see Forza, Assasins Creed and even some sports titles creep into our line up
  • Team expansion. I would like to bring some more people into our team. Specifically I am looking for a Playstation lead as well as some multi media skilled people who can help us with gameplay streaming and pod casts.

So as you can see I have big dreams for all of this and right now it is a huge undertaking to acheive them. The EVO Games business has changed and although we no longer operate a physical Game centre anymore our sense of social and commmunity play still lives on in everything we do.

Welcome aboard and I am very excited to have you all here as passengers on this exciting new adventure in my life!

Dwayne “EVO Knight”  Morash


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