Locked Stalked and Two Smoking Barrells :Interview with “Vorlin” & “Loco” MW3 Gottacon FFA Champs

EVO Games caught up with  Vorlin and Loco ; Gottacon2012’s FFA champions in the Modern Warfare 3 Tournament. This was a unique Free 4 All match in that both Vorlin and Loco stood up and claimed the first place title together. The final winner was determined by a scoring system in the final batch of 7 players. All 7 players played 3 matches of FFA and their scores were tracked and tallied to determine who was the final winner. In an interesting twist of fate Vorlin and Loco had identical scores. Fitting perhaps because both players are in actual fact ;real life friends and also partners in this years upcoming MW3  Doubles event. So what may have been a tricky finale we let them decide who placed first.

Heres what they had to say about the event and some insight they shared about MW3 and the state of competitive gaming in the Victoria Area.

Evo Knight:Okay Guys I’m just gonna get the obvious out of the way…You BOTH won; how do you guys feel about that ?

Vorlin+ Loco ( In unison): Pretty good

Evo Knight:From a sportsmanship point of view how did you deal with it?

Loco: We were both doubles partners so its okay..were buddies

Vorlin: Were friends so its cool

EVO Knight: Probally the first  time a call of duty tournament ended nicely eh?

Vorlin+Loco: Laughs

EVO Knight:So how long have you guys been playing Modern Warfare 3 competitively?

Vorlin: Well he plays a lot of Gamebattles with a friend of mine from West Van names Braiden and he’s front page Gamebattles; 24th spot right now so he plays a lot < pointing at Loco > I don’t really ever play it.

EVO Knight: You’re a HALO guy.

Vorlin: < Smiles> I’m a HALO guy.

Loco: I got it the night it came out and have been playing it competitively for say the past 2-3 months.

EVO Knight: Previous games?

Loco: I played Modern Warfare 2 and it started with COD4

EVO Knight: What where your thoughts on the competition level today?

Vorlin: I expected better. I didn’t even expect for me to get first; maybe the top 3. I thought there would be other guys that we don’t know about, maybe some local guys that play COD all day in their bedroom just show up and dominate.

EVO Knight: Have you ever been to a local event in person versus playing online?:

Vorlin:I’ve never been to a Call of Duty Tournament.

Loco: This is a first as well.

EVO Knight: What about your doubles match coming up?

Vorlin: We expect to win. We actually put effort into it and we have been practicing

Loco: If we don’t come first it will be a loss.

Vorlin:  A big Dissapointment for us.

EVO Knight: What is the number one thing the community can do to improve competitive play in Victoria?

Vorlin: More awareness for all the games and for people to get out of their rooms and come out and compete and have a good time.

EVO Knight: What do you think of this event so far?

Vorlin: Amazing!

Loco: I’m impressed!

Vorlin: Best gaming event I’ve been to other than MLG Chicago.

EVO Knight: So last question ; can you give some advice for people playing competitively ?

Vorlin:You have to put the effort in and you have to want to get better and play to win.

Loco: For Call of Duty a lot more than HALO you have to get your strategy down with your partner and if you don’t know what each other is doing your probably going to lose but if you work as a team and know what the other person is going to do then your do well; Time and effort like he  < Vorlin> said.

EVO Knight: Thanks Guys and good luck with your Doubles matches.


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