In the END there was …HALO


So there I was at 6pm in the Perkes Arena Victoria BC . Gottacon had officially wrapped and vendors were packing up and leaving. The Arena was starting to get cold and look empty. amidst all of this there we where staring out our monitors and waiting patiently for the winning results of the HALO Reach doubles tournament.

We had packed up all our gear save for the equipment needed by our Virtual warriors to play the final rounds of this intense tournament.

If there is one thing to say about the HALO community in BC is that they are a close-knit group. These guys and gals know each other by Gamertag and they have a crazy amount of respect  for one another. The energy I felt hanging out with them over the weekend made me realize that there is so much to gain from hosting events in person and I am hoping I can see all of them again soon.

There was electricity  the air when each team took the stage and faced off. It was like watching the Stanley cup finals; in person and not on a TV set at home. If you have ever doubted that E sports ( playing video games competitively) was a viable Sport; than  you have never been front row at a HALO tournament!

The dedication to this sport is on par with other athletes in the sport world and make no mistake these players treat this just as seriously.

The skill levels on display ranged from true blue MLG pro players to up and coming Superstars. Everyone playing knew the game inside and out and were pulling out all the stops to win first place.

Here is how the event finished off.

After having slashed their way through approx 20 other players at the event over the course of  4 hours ; Alexander Walger (VoRLiN) & Jon Nguyen (Vapoureon) Took first place overall with  Tyler Mozingo (Calm Mentality) & Chris Nickull (BC Conker) coming in second place
Rhys Abbott (Excel) & Kevin Van Welter (Listomania) rounded off the top in 3rd place

Alexander Walger (VoRLiN) & Jon Nguyen (Vapoureon)

With the future success of the HALO franchise hanging on the shoulders of this years HALO 4 it is heart warming  to see a large group of players still having fun and competing with what is arguably the premiere E sport game on the market today.

Alexander Walger (VoRLiN),Jon Nguyen (Vapoureon),Tyler Mozingo (Calm Mentality),Chris Nickull (BC Conker),Rhys Abbott (Excel),Kevin Van Welter (Listomania)

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