Multiplayer Madness in Gotham City

Every once in a while a game comes along that makes you go “what on earth where they thinking when they came up with this idea?!” This is exactly what I thought when I heard about Gotham City Imposters ( GCI). If I was ever to make a multi player game based around the batman franchise I would have went with established characters and thrown a large open city and made it a third person superhero beat down ala GTA minus the guns. Playing it safe is definitely something GCI is not interested in doing.

Now before we go any further I want to make this clear. I only played the trial; however the Trial is actually the full game just not fully unlocked so all the graphics and sound are what you’ll get in the final version

I’ll start off by saying” This game is FUN”. After going through a rather humorous training level I hit the servers in anticipation of dealing death with a variety of interesting gadgets as well as some traditional guns youd find in other modern shooters.The premise is that Batman and Joker are nowhere to be found in Gotham city a small group of vigilantes and wannabe criminals set up shop and fill the shoes of the caped crusader. The result is a multi player game filled with the most odd ball assortment of characters since Team Fortress 2. These characters do not have access to Batman or Jokers huge arsenal of weapons ; so you are forced to deal justice or crime with more traditional fare like assault rifles and grenades.

The running and shooting mechanics are acceptable considering this is an XBOX live arcade title and not a full release. The movement of your character is a little sloppy and feels floaty at times but not so much that it actually affects your shooting ability. The one thing I was really impressed with is the ADS and all around shooting mechanics. The aiming was spot on and felt just like a full retail game. Hit markers were spot on. I had to force myself to experiment with the other weapons at my disposal because the shooting was so satisfying!

While not running at the acclaimed 60FPS that Call of Duty heralds as their saving grace the game flowed very well .

The other weapons consist of a eclectic mix of things like boomerangs, throwing stars and rocket launchers to name a few. Gadgets consist of an equally insane selection with a makeshift bat grapple made out of a fishing real and a slingshot that launches nitrous balls being my favourites. Throw in some roller skates and spring shoes as enhanced mobility options and you get the idea on how zany this game is.

As a pure multi player offering I can safely say it delivers. In fact I suspect that if they even tried to add a story element to this concoction it would drag the review scores down.

They have layered on the now standard experience system from other shooters and an unlock tree to gain access to the better weapons and equipment ( as well as the ability to customize the look of your character) which illustrates that there is depth to this downloadable title.

The multi player matchmaking was a tad slow and the amount of menus and option on-screen where a little overwhelming; but I’m sure that If I was to spend more time with the full version of the game it would all start to gel

Although I only had a limited hands on with the Trial I can say that whatever the game lacks in a visual punch ( the game actually looks decent and has a lot of color) it more than makes up in gameplay variety and originality.

All of you competitive gamers are probably wondering ” can a game as crazy of this be viable as a competitive game?”. Well I think that mostly depends on the community that will support it. Right now its to early to tel but the game itself definitely has all the tools to keep players coming back for more. capping out at 6 versus 6 means it is perfectly positioned for team play and with the amount of variety in the loadouts and classes I experienced I can bet players will rally behind it and take it seriously ( as seriously as you can with a game like this)

My advice. Give it a whirl and see what you think. Just make sure you check your frown at the door and remember the jokers famous quote from the “Dark Knight”…” Why so serious?!”

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


2 thoughts on “Multiplayer Madness in Gotham City”

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