Over the Rainbow is a pot of Gold

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Why on earth do we not have a new Rainbow six game in our hands in 2012?!

For those of you who are even remotely interested in the franchise I should mention that it has been approx 4 years since the last entry in the long running franchise made its appearance on the next generation platform and while we will be getting a sequel in 2013 I still feel that the wait has been too long.

Rainbow six Vegas 2 was the bookend on the ” Vegas” series and although it had its own set of issues ; it was still a FPS that deserved to be counted among the best. RBSV2 launched on the eve of COD4 making its grand debut and as good as it was there was no way it could overcome the beast that would be forever known as Modern Warfare.

Looking back to 2006 however you would have a different story. The XBOX 360 had yet to deliver its prized jewel ( HALO 3) and Gears of War was just launching the same christmas as Rainbow. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter had launched in the summer of 2006 giving us shooter fans a true next generation shooter to sink our teeth into ( Perfect Dark Zero doesn’t count) but the FPS genre had not made its debut to the extent that we demanded.

That all changed when Rainbow six Vegas launched in Christmas of 2006 and it set the market on fire! Winning numerous awards it established the brand for a new generation of gamers and made it clear that it was the game to beat when it came  to first person shooters on the XBOX360!

So here we sit almost 5 years from the day it launched ( its sequel launched the following year) and we still don’t have a 3rd entry in the next generation era. The real question is ” Why?”

My personal take on the situation is that Ubi Soft has been quietly sitting in the wings watching the landscape of the FPS genre unfold. In a world where sequels are pumped out every year it wouldn’t take much for the boys and girls at Ubi Sot to knock out another cookie cutter sequel to make a quick buck ; Hell they could just take a page out of Activision’s book and use the same game engine they did 4 years ago.
RBSV2 was top of its game for sure; adding features like Sprint and a dedicated advancement system in the form of A.C.E.S. ensured that it was inline with current military shooters ( although I desperately wish it had included ADS) and a more robust Character customization system.

The only downside in my opinion was the fact that they had already used up all of the iconic set pieces from the first game. We had already repelled down the gamers version of the Stratosphere and shot our way down main street Vegas.; not to mention the numerous casino fire fights sprinkled throughout. The sequel made a complete detour and threw us into a more obscure section of the city and had us visiting abandoned streets and warehouses as well as some convention centres and maybe a casino or two but ultimately failed to impress me. I just didn’t feel like I was in Vegas.

Multi-player is where the game shined and to this day is still being played by a very dedicated community. everything from traditional Versus modes to what I would have to say is the best CoOp experience found in a video game to date; terrorist Hunt!

Competitive play was a given and all the official gaming leagues scooped it up. The fan base was solid and enabled the game to maintain a solid E-sport credibility.

As a complete package RBSV2 ranks up there with current shooters and in some ways leaves them in the dust .

2013 is a long ways away to wait for the sequel Rainbow Six Patriots but hopefully over the coming year we will get enough information and gameplay footage to keep us happy. What they have shown so far has made it clear that we will be getting a more intelligent shooter and one that looks like it has indeed been waiting on the sidelines and gathering all the intel they can on the current crop of shooters that all of us are playing.

Ubisoft has said that the new Rainbow will contain a heavy story focused element and that choices you make will really have an effect both emotionally on the player and logistically in the game world. All the fun stuff that we loved to do in the original games looks set to make a return ( Rappelling down New Yorks East river bridge anyone?) and YES they appear to have implemented aiming down sights ; Hurray!

The game is set to arrive in 2013 and one can only hope that this game arrives with the intent to reclaim its shooter crown. Lets face it; we need a shooter that has more than massive explosions and large-scale battles. We need a thinking mans shooter because to be quite frank…we all have digressed into a world where Killstreaks, player controlled Jets, game ending nukes, and gravity defying ‘ recoilless” guns rule the day.

I think UbiSoft could deliver us a game that in theory is the saving grace for the shooter genre!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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