We are looking for able minded ( you technically don’t even need to have a body) individuals to join our team. EVO Unlimited is a source for up to date info about gaming as well as a great place to hear opinions and industry news as it pertains to  the competitive scene.This is not a paid position as we all do this because we love video games and the industry ; plus we need a platform to vent and share our opinions so that’s payment enough right 🙂

Specifically we are looking for team members who can cover PC gaming and also someone who can be our dedicated Playstation 3 lead.

This all rolls into the EGL as well and it is forseeable these team members would at some point be facilitating tournaments.

The team members must posses excellent writing skills and have a passion for the video game industry and be able to articulate it for our readers.

The team members must also have  the time to write approx 3-4 articles a week and since this is a volunteer position it is very important that it doesn’t affect their personal life and or work schedule. We don’t want people overworking themselves or overcommitting.

If you think you have a passion for this sort of  thing then send me a resume to gamingevolved@gmail.com

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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