HALO 4 wish list

Normally I am not the kind of person who even starts to make up a wish list of features that I want the latest version of my favourite game to have. I simply just trust in the gaming gods and powers that be to get the job done. When Gears of War 3 was being developed I pretty much avoided all articles about new feautures because I trusted EPIC games to nail it when the game finally launched. HALO Reach was the same. I knew they where adding features and new weapons but did’nt care to much about it knowing fulll well that Bungie knew what they where doing when it came to any HALO game. As for Call of Duty ; well I never had a lot of passion for that series to begin with but every year I still trust in the Devs to improve and add where it’s needed ( if you bought MW3 then you know how trust can be misplaced ).

HALO4 is going to be launched at the end of this year and for the first time ever I am actually on my seat with anticipation. Not because its a new HALO game but more because I want to see what 343 studios is going  to do with the beloved franchise.
HALO is in a bad spot my friends. As of current writing the HALO community is splintered between the various sequals that exist. Dont be fooled into thinking that everyone is playing HALO Reach. There is an active community playing only Anniversery and even some die hards sticking to Halo 3 and Halo 2!

Halo 2 how I love thee...let me count the ways

All of this means that there is no longer a solidified ” HALO EXPERIENCE”. The game has many different iterations of its original core gameplay that you can no longer make sweeping comments about its Multiplayer. One needs to be specific because quite honestly they all play differently now.

Yes there are the core fundementals in regards to weapons and map layouts but things like armor abilities and shield regen and falling damage and pistol strength and even weapons that have bloom or not have all served to fragment the community of players that used to simply say ” I love HALO”. Now you would be asked the question…” Which HALO do you love?”

Halo 4 is now tasked with the job of bringing everyone back into the fold and unifying a once strong community of players. It needs to take the HALO formula and elevate it to top of its class and then kick every other multi player shooter off its high hourse!
In short HALO 4 needs to kick some serious ass. Here is 5 things that I think it needs to have in order to do that and take back the crown!

1: Updated Graphics. This is not to say we need to have Battlefield 3 level visuals but I think  we need to have another update that goes beyond even HALO Reach. Find a line between artistic style and photo realistic. give us a grittier and war torn HALO and not a colorful eye candy visual spectacle. Look to thier own TV commercials for inspiration and youll see what I meen.

2: No more Red vs Blue multi player. I am tired of imagining reason why Spartans are fighting each other. Give me a alternate character model to play in multi player ala Gears of War and their Locust. Give me a reason why I would be facing off another team in a game of deathmatch not just another color scheme and call him team 2!

"Hey you look just like me!"

3: Better maps. I called it first when I saw them showing off Forge world with Reach before the game launched. I predicted that they where going to use Forge world to craft the majority of the games multi player maps as an easy way out of building some unique maps with varying terrains. What we got was a bunch of metal structures and ” forge world” enviroments that they whipped up in an afternoon! Way to go! I want maps like HALO 3 with differemt enviroments; desert, winter, grasslands etc…make me feel like Im playing a sci fi shooter and not jumping around on the inside of a ” bouncy castle”

Seriously...you call this a map!!!

4: New toys. i get that HALO has standard issue  weapons that are sacred and shouldnt be messed with ; Assault rifles, Rocket Launchers, pistols etc. I also get that the game is taking place on a far away planet where we may quite possibly be facing a new threat to humanity. Ditch the convenenet weapons and go out on a limb and brting us some new weapons of mass destruction.

Know your role

5: Give us a class based multi layer experience. I know Reach was a feeble attempt at doing this but with so many shooters adopting this technique it wouldnt be a bad move. Class based systems allow for greater teamwork and a better undersstanding of your role on the battlefield.

Even if you arent playing a big team battle type game mode it wouuld still be nice knowing that you have a role to play in the match besides just running around with whatever weapon you find killing the enemies. If you want team work to rise in the next HALO then this is a good step to making that happen.

Im sure you could make a bigger list and Im also sure that my list will piss people off. Everyone has their own opinion on how HALO should play and what it should look like and that is perhaps why we eneded up in this predictament  to begin with. The game needs to change with the times but if it does its destined to fail with the hardcore.

Change is good but change also means you may lose a lot of people who dont like change. Its a sticky situation and Im glad Im not at the frontline of development on HALO 4.

Check in at the end of this year and let me know what you think of the end result.


Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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