Multi-Player shooters you need to be playing!


Yeah Yeah I get it. The market is flooded with Multiplayer shooters but keep in mind not all of these shooters are worthy of your time and money. Rest assured; if the game is on this list you should definitely take it for a spin.

Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter: The sequel to the debut shooter on the Xbox 360. This game launched in 2007 and still has a HUGE community of players who are logging long hours in multi player. Some basic character customization and more multi player options than you can count make this a shooter to beat when it comes to option. CoOp that can’t be beat (up to 16 players can participate in CoOp missions together) and a beautiful graphics engine even to this day! Warning: The control scheme is a little outdated and I recommend you tweak it to “option B” for an easier experience online.



Rainbow Six Vegas 2: If you want your FPS with a little tactical action sprinkled in then Rainbow is for you. This game set the bar for all shooters that came after it but went into hibernation after the Call of Duty franchise gained momentum. No two ways about it; this game is a game for the more mature and “smart” gamer. It will kick your ass if you don’t respect what it’s all about. Teamwork and tactics. The graphics really need an upgrade but since it came out in 2007 Ill cut it some slack.




Transformers War for Cybertron: What can you say about a game that lets you battle it out as a Transformer! Boasting a storyline better than the latest movies < not hard there> and a multi player component that is balanced and deep you have the makings of a fantastic shooter. Unlocks and game play variety will keep you playing this game long after you’ve gotten tired of another same old same old Military shooter.




Battlefield 3: In my opinion the best shooter of this generation. If you want to see what the pinnacle of the military shooter genre looks like on this generation of console then look no further. The graphics alone in this game put any game before it to shame and with an insane amount of variety in how you approach each match you play the game literally blows to the top off any rating scale you put it on. THIS IS THE GOLD STANDARD for any FPS game on the market. One thing to note ; if you have a short attention span and can’t handle games that last longer than 15 minutes I would stay clear.; Call of Duty may be more to your liking.



Gears of War 3: The final chapter in the “Delta Squad” trilogy and boy did it deliver. Everything you hated about the previous multi player components has either been scuttled or tweaked perfectly. The games already amazing graphic engine has been polished and given an incredible tune up to give us the best Gears of War experience yet. Epic heard our cries and gave us dedicated servers, no host advantage and ratcheted up the intensity with Horde and new multi player modes. Throw in constant tweaking and monitoring of fan feedback and you have a game that shouldn’t even be compared to other games on this list!



Space Marine: Based on a tabletop game called Warhammer 40k; this game flew under the radar of everyone last year. The single player campaign is where this game really shines but its multi player component is no slouch either. First comparisomes will definitely put this game in a Gears of War category but if you play it long enough you will see that it actually has more in common with Battlefield than Gears. This is no squad based shooter with games supporting up to 16 players and battles that are intense. Jetpack equipped assault troopers raining death from the sky and a variety of high powered futuristic weapons of mass destruction ensure that every match is filled with intensity.
The big draw here for me is the ability to customize your own Space Marine like no game that has come before it. Space marine writes the book on customization and every time you step on the battlefield you have a sense of pride in knowing that you won’t see anybody else running around looking like you!
The controls are tight and the action rocks.

There you go. A healthy dose of multi player games that should keep the discs spinning in your tray for quite awhile…or until the next wave of shooters that will be descending upon us this year.


Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash