Transformers War For Cybertron: More multi-player than meets the Eye

Transformers War for Cybertron ( TF:WFC) is an amazing game! Plain and simple if you haven’t played this game then you need to go and buy a copy NOW! The complete package was developed with love and care and it shows through in every aspect of the game. It is one of those rare games that have every feature you could want in a game and delivers it with style. Campaign mode playable as a 3 man CoOp and two different stories (Autobot and Decepticon) to boot. Competitive multi -player, Survival mode, Character customization!
This game has it all and deserves your money.

The purpose of this article however is not to gush about this game (which I could do all day long) but to illuminate one aspect of this game that I’m sure everyone who picks up the box will scoff at; versus multiplayer.

TF: WFC has a deep and satisfying multiplayer component and one may argue an experience that rivals other top name shooters in the genre.
You start your multiplayer career by customizing several classes of transformer that you will be taking into battle with the games varied multiplayer modes. Going a step further than most shooters these days is; the game lets you actually design the visual look of your bot but applying different paint schemes over top of some pre selected /unlocked chassis. The chassis are pulled from the story campaign so you will definitely come across several Optimus Prime look a likes with a different color scheme.

Your weapons and abilities are all customizable via a Call of Duty style levelling/unlock system and the game even throws in a “Prestige” system for good measure. One you hit your level cap you will have to option to become a “PRIME” and wear a distinct symbol beside your name as a mark of pride.

Once you are done with your customizing the real fun begins! The game throws you into a handful of maps all on the planet Cybertron (home planet of the “Bots” and “Cons”) and has you running, driving and flying around in pursuit of your opponents.
This is also where everything you thought you knew about 3rd person shooters gets thrown out the window. I can tell you the first time I saw an opponent transform and fly away from me instead of just rolling or jumping into cover literally made my jaw drop open. Your allies and your enemies on this futuristic battleground all have a robot mode and a vehicle mode and this my friends is where TF: WFC sets itself apart from other shooters.
Your mobility in this game is all about your vehicle form. Running is for old school players. Depending on your vehicle form you will have a varying amount of mobility and thus opening up several new strategies on how you enter an engagement. The Scientist class are all jets and have the ability to fly into an engagement and exit quickly to the skies. Cool factor not withstanding it’s an effective way to hit and run in a game of TDM!


Layer on top of that the fact that your vehicle form has its own weapon system with unlimited ammo and you have a compelling reason to actually use your vehicle form

No matter what game mode you are playing TF: WFC has a game play feel that is all its own. The matches are fast and furious and require a good amount of skill. The load outs are not unbalanced and each weapon has a good counter. It seems that the boys and girls over at HIGH MOON STUDIOS took the time that their fellow Activision studios didn’t on the Call of Duty franchise. TF: WFC is tuned and balanced and in the world of shooting games that is a big Deal!

If you jump online these days you will find a sparse community but a loyal one. The people who play this game play it just as serious as your typical Modern Warfare fan and expect to get beaten a lot.

Just like any shooter you will have to log some playtime to get good at TF: WFC but in the end if you stick with it your perseverance will pay off. There is a lot of depth to this game and those who take the time to explore it will realize that this game ranks up there with the best of 3rd person shooters…heck even any style of shooter.

Here are some Tips for new players to Transformers: War for Cybertron

1: Learn your class. Know how your abilities will work together for best results. Experiment if you need to but find that sweet spot.

2: Spend time in your vehicle mode. Transforming is the new sprint. You need to learn how to transform and “Roll out” on the drop of a hat. This skill will save your bacon and give you that much needed mobility on the battlefield.

3: Cybertron is not your typical multiplayer map: The reason I say this is because the geography can be a little hard to identify with. Location call outs are harder and navigation can be really tricky unless you take the time to learn your maps.

4: Patience! Transformers: War for Cybertron has a steep learning curve and plays VERY fast. It can get frustrating very quickly if you haven’t quite mastered some of the things that make it unique. Take the time to learn from your mistakes and remember that eventually you’ll nail it.

I am aware that this article comes almost 2 years after the game has launched but it is a game that is dear to my heart; not only because it is an amazing multi player game that deserves its place in the ranks of competitive shooters but also because it lets me live out my childhood fantasies of participating in the battle of Autobots and Decepticons.

Give it a try and you may well find out that you have “the Touch”


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash