Show some love to your fellow gamer

Its February 14 and you know what that means! Its the day that you show your love to your fellow gamers out there. Put aside your petty differences and opinions. Stow the smack talking  and give that faceless voice you hear over game chat a valentines day message filled with warmth and love. Some examples of things you could say  today instead of your normal voice rants include but not limited to…

” Hey guy. Thanks for that assist I was gonna kill him myself but im glad you came in and did it for me”

” Dude your so awesome and Im so proud to have you on my team. “

” You keep killing like that and you wont need a high KD ratio to get me on your team next time…”

” This game had no meaning to me until you came along and joined my lobby”

” You know what….Call of duty is a better game than BF3 I should never have disagreed with you…your to special to me”

The list goes on but remember; today is a special day for gamers and its time we started sharing that love with everyone we play with or against today!