Till COD do us part: Interview with Team “Playytime”

EVO Knight: Hi guys. I understand you two just had a big Victory last week at Gottacon 2012. Was that your first competitive event that you participated in live?

Aneil Grewal :No this was not our first competitive event, we have gone to evo tournaments in the past and for me that is pretty much it.

Jason Stewart: For me this was my second major event. I attended MLG Anaheim last year.

EVO Knight: What do you like about organized competitive play versus online matchmaking and do you find that your skill transfers over from one to the other?

Aneil Grewal:I like organized play more because of the connection is smoother and the settings used in competitive. Online play is just not hard for us and when you switch to competitive there is a challenge.

Jason Stewart: I think it takes a little more skill to play at events. You have the pressure from spectators, along with the fact that there is no “host advantage” to help you out. It’s a really even playing field.

EVO Knight: How long have the two of you been playing together as a team and what made you decide to take the step into forming one officially?

Aneil Grewal:We have been playing together as a team since call of duty 4 , we decided to form one officially when we both found out what gamebattles was.

Jason Stewart: Me an Aneil have been playing together pretty much from the start. We have always been into competitive gaming through gamebattles and now just seemed right to start going to events.

EVO Knight: Talking about Call of Duty. This Game has been slammed in the media and on the internet for being unbalanced and very “ noob friendly”. What is your opinion on the state of the Call of Duty franchise in the competitive arena?

Aneil Grewal:I like the state of competitive is looking good, its not filled with all the things that publics matches are (noob tubes, claymores , rpgs) competitive play is like a totally different game.

Jason Stewart: I totally agree that the game is very “noob friendly”. That is one of the main things I dislike about it. It really takes away from the skill you see in games like Halo and even Rainbow Six. I think the game has a lot of potential to be a great competitive game it just needs support from devs and the community.

EVO Knight: What are your plans for competing in the future? Now that you have a taste for winning do you want to continue on with other games and events?

Aneil Grewal:Yeah , we are planning on doing more online tournaments throughout various websites and evo online. Hopefully our 4’s team picks up the new rainbow six and we can start going competitive in that franchise aswell as call of duty.

Jason Stewart: I will definitely be attending more events. I have loved them ever since my first one. I guess you could say I want to continue now that I have a taste of winning.

EVO Knight: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience online with Call of Duty and how it may or may not be different from playing in local events i.e. Sportsmanship and skill levels?

Aneil Grewal: My personal experience online isnt fun at all in public matches due to the camping and bad perks , but when its local and the right settings it is fun. A lot of teams that play competitive have bad sportsmanship and trash talk but usually they do have the skill to back it up.

Jason Stewart:
Local events usually have higher skill levels and better sportsmanship. People might trash talk online but it is much harder to do when you are staring the person in the face. As for skill level, I think that lots of teams just don’t think they are good enough to show up, but usually it is a small step up from online.

EVO Knight: Please share some advice to some new players to competitive gaming. How can they improve their game and achieve success at local events.

Aneil Grewal:If you are new to the competitive game find some players you are familiar with and form a gamebattles team. Start to scrim against good teams and you will eventually build chemistry and learn strats.
Always watch livestreams and tip videos from professionals to improve your game and pick up some turtle beaches to start off.
To achieve success at local events just be confident and make sure you and your partner know each others gameplan.

Jason Stewart: the best advice I can give, not only for gaming, is that practice makes perfect. I takes dedication to become the best and you have to be willing to put in the hours.

Aneil and Jason currently have a website set up for their team   http://www.wix.com/playytimegb/playytimegaming and set a good example of what PRO players in the Victoria are like. I hope to see more of these two guys in future events we run.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash