Dominating the Battlefield: An interview with DC5


DC5 is one of the most prolific clans on the scene when it comes to the Battlefield series of games. They have a huge reputation and a long history of dominance in the field of large-scale warfare ( Battlefield games).

We managed to pull DC5 Spitfire; one of their core  members away from his controller long enough to have a chat with us about his Clan and their history with the Battlefield series in general.

EVO Knight:  Tell me about your Clan “DC5” and how did it come about?
DC5 Spitfire: Dc5 is a legendary clan from Xbox. We originated on the OG Xbox back when BF2: MC came out. The person who made up the name “Dc5” made a mistake and it we were supposed to be called Dc1. Dc5 is military readiness, everyone peaceful, where as the original leader thought it meant all out nuclear war. Needless to say the original leader is no longer with us.

EVO Knight: How long have you been playing games in the Battlefield series?
DC5 Spitfire: I have been playing the Battlefield series since BF2 came out in 2005.

EVO Knight: What draws you to Battlefield verses say other shooting games specifically Call of duty since that’s it biggest competitor in this space.
DC5 Spitfire:In Battlefield 3 you don’t have 1 million kill streaks in the air at any time. Theres only a set of 4 air vehicles in the sky, and all require a considerable amount of skill to master. Battlefield 3 has also been on top of the pile for taking more gunskill. You have to prioritize your targets and the random deviation when firing makes things a bit more challenging. More importantly what draws me is my team, we have had a target on our backs since Battlefield 1943 and we have to hit every oncoming Battlefield title hard.

EVO Knight:Do you think that Battlefield 3 lived up to its hype and promise?
DC5 Spitfire:  I definitely believe Battlefield 3 was a success. 10 million + copies sold is a great accomplishment for any Battlefield game, especially making it the fastest selling EA game to date.

EVO Knight: Back to “DC5”. Are they actively playing Battlefield 3 as an organized group in light of private matches not being included in the game at launch?
DC5 Spitfire: We are always playing together in public matches, or scrimming/joining other teams rooms. We are still playing, and trying to master, BF3 to our full potential. We believe we have a great chance at taking home the 1.6 million dollars that Virgin Gaming is hosting and we are taking the initiative.

EVO Knight:How does your clan stay active as far as a skill set goes. Do you guys form parties and go into matches together or is that harder in light of PM’s not being in the game?
DC5 Spitfire:It is still easy to get matches despite of no private matches. Everyone on the game is content with have a 10v10 scrim with 2 blue berries (randoms) and having a good match.

EVO Knight: What are some of your specific accomplishments in BF3 so far? ( KD ratio, levels attained, in-game moments etc..).
DC5 Spitfire: Some of my prize accomplishments in BF3 *SO FAR* I would have to say is that we are back, Dc5 is back stronger than ever. We were off the charts in BC2 for a while (playing as a team called Herp Derpin Wise Guys) and now were back with new friends. We merged with a long time gone MLG team called Type-Z, dubbing our team name “Team Dz5” and we have been playing well together. My personal in-game moment that is my allstar favourite is this: It was a clan match against a team called “Pinnacle” (they consist of Halo pros Ogre 2, Lunchbox, and Roy) We were down 2-11 tickets on Damavand Peak. The tickets dwindled down to 2-5 and then they neutralized our first flag. Since tickets account for each time a player spawns in as opposed to dying, a good 3/4 of my team was in the spawn menu hoping for some magic to happen. Anyways, im on the flag and a good chunk of Pinnacle come to make a last-ditch effort, with 3 perfectly placed M320’s I stopped them all in their tracks and ended up with 7 kills in roughly 3 seconds, winning the game for Dc5.

EVO Knight: I have noticed that you have taken yourself out of the local competitive seen in the past couple years. You haven’t attended any local events. Whats your reasoning and what are your plans moving forward?
DC5 Spitfire:or me and my local teammate Prince, it is hard for us to get to EVO, especially with the current EVO location (R.I.P Evo) also, there is no drive for me to play competitively locally anymore as the only game I played was CoD, which I do not play anymore.

EVO Knight: Can you tell us what draws you to a specific game and are there any other games we can expect DC5 to “ form up” in ie. Forming your clan around any new games coming out?
DC5 Spitfire: Any game that isnt Call of Duty im attracted too. I know that if it isnt Call of Duty there will be no quickscoping zzirGrizz wannabe’s yelling “COLLATERAL!!!! Oh YEAH!!” on the mic. Me and some other Dz5 members are planning to pick up Ghost Recon Future Soldier once it comes out. We will plot our future on that game if it plays good competitively.

EVO Knight: Any last tips on how you think being a party of an organized clan affects the gaming experience you would get out of a game versus just playing on Xbox live with Randoms?
DC5 Spitfire: Playing with an organized party definitely improves the game experience. For average skilled players you may stand a chance against either solo Battlefield vets or other organized parties. For me and Dz5 we only really play together in pubs to learn new spots to lay down soflams or to just mess around. Playing by yourself is can also be beneficial, you are able to focus more on yourself other than where your team mates are, how are they doing etc. I always playing Operation Metro CQ when im playing by myself and my team is away. It helps refine my gunskill even if I have to carry bucket loads of blue berries.

Thanks Spitfire. I wish you guys all the best at the Virgin 1.6 million dollar tournament!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash