Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is LIVE

While not a full-fledged Competitive multi player offering ; Mass Effect 3’s Multi-player throws you and 3 other friends into the world of Mass Effect Co-Op style. Being very similar to Gears of War’s ” HORDE” mode players will be able to work together to survive waves of enemies and tackle objectives to ensure survival and along the way improve and upgrade you’re in game character.

The games control from single player carry over and at first glance it feels like you should be able to just blast through the waves run and gun style. This strategy will not end well. My hands on with the game mode made me realize that a little planning and a lot of tactics will go a long way to ensuring you are emerging unscathed.

Give the Demo a try to see what you think. We all know the real reason you should be excited for Mass Effect 3 is the story but having a CoOp experience thrown in this time is a welcome touch I think.

The Demo contains both single player and Multi Player modes. The ability to form up a private match is included in the demo.

This demo is available on XBOX live and PSN as of February 14th.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash