Homefront 6v6: Ground Control Tournament

The EGL is currently looking for some more recruits to join us in our first ONLINE tournament on 2012. This is a FREE event and consists of 4 teams ( We currently have 3 full teams ready to go).

The event will take place totally ONLINE  and if you do not have a team mate or full team just submit your Gamertag and we will slot you onto a team.

You will need

  • Xbox Live Gold
  • A copy of Homefront for Xbox 360

a flexible schedule to allow you to participate.

This tournament should not take long and we anticipate a turn around of a few days if all teams can get organized. After we have the green light we will send out info via Xbox Live to y our team captains and the match information will be coordinated at that  point.

Full game settings and rules will be posted under the Homefront Game page.

Send us your recruitment papers to gamingevolved@gmail.com