Writing the book on co-op play

In 2012 if a game gets released without some form of multi player component it’s almost certainly destined to be a commercial failure. Excluding hardcore RPG’s ( well even this years RPG extravaganza ;Mass Effect3 is getting a co-op mode) pretty much all games made are trying to extend the play life of the game by adding multi player elements.

Not all these games succeed at this attempt and it really does depend on the core game itself as to whether or not multi player makes sense. Gears of War 2 introduced the gaming public to ” HORDE”; a wave based survival mode that gave up to 5 players the ability to face off against the games AI as it hurled swarms of enemies at them. This mode has been replicated by other games since and even though they try to pretend it was a unique idea of their own; the more informed knew better.

One game that to this day has the most robust CoOp components is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 ( GRAW2).  GRAW2 was one of the few games at that time to offer a dedicated  CoOp experience that allowed for a large party of friends. In this case you could take up to 16 players into massive missions that consisted of search and destroy, stealth Recon, territory capturing and plain and simple elimination game types. As successful as Modern Warfare has been with their spec ops  and survival game modes; it still limits you to 2 players at any one time. GRAW2 is a 4 year old game and it knows that more than 2 players is needed to call it a CoOp game type!

GRAW2 uses a 3rd person camera perspective and layers on a series of very complex controls that allow you to maneuver the maps i whatever manner you want. You have access to high flying drones as well as “TACT Comms” to your fellow team mates allowing you to literly see through thier helmet cams with a click of a button!
The aresenal at your disposal runs the gambit of typical military weapons and gear ( grenades and assault rifles)

Not only is the in-game experience incredibly robust but the lobby options are beyond words. As the host of a GRAW2 lobby you have the ability to toggle things like ; game modes, weapon and gear restrictions, map selection ( of course) and even camouflage choices for each team. You are essentially a glorified mission director dictating how hard ytou want you and your team to have. Feel like your up for a challenge; play a game of stealth recon that has an alarm failure” option toggled meaning if anyone sees you and you don’t dispatch them in 30 seconds you lose the game! Now try that game mode and increase the enemy density on the map to maximum; you have yourself a game type that even Ethan Hunt ( Mission Impossible reference) would turn down.

The possibilities are endless and nothing can beat the fun of getting a group of friends together for an evening of CoOp play in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter2.

When the game launched it had enough content to satisfy everyone who bought it but UbiSoft wasnt done their. They added so much post release content ( half of which was FREE) in the form of new maps and weapons that the game is now literally busting at the seams with content. It boasts approx 30 maps for players to play in any of the games co-op modes!

This game is now listed at a very low retail price due to its age and if you can find one I highly recommend you adding it to your library. With the latest entry in the franchise launching in May it would be a perfect time to revisit this gem  and get acquainted with it.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash