Gears of War 3: ” Forces of Nature” DLC incoming !

It’s finally here ! The final piece of Gears of War 3 DLC  entitles ” Forces of Nature” is arriving soon and I have mixed emotions about it to be honest. Gears of war 3 has just started its lifespan given that the game released in September of 2011 and already we have had a good supply of DLC to keep it fresh. My concern is that EPIC is wrapping it up so early into 2012 and although the opportunity exists to keep adding DLC ; we all know that as a studio Epic is probably shifting their focus onto new projects and new experiences for us to embrace ( cough cough…next generation titles)

What we have here is the last of your seasons pass content and its a doozy; so wipe away the tears and get ready for the breakdown on what you’re getting with it.

“Forces of Nature” takes the theme of environmental disaster and applies it to 3 new Maps and 2 re imagined maps for a total of 5 fresh new battleground for you to cut a path of destruction through.

Map 1: Artilleryis an abandoned missile silo ( New Map)
Map 2: Aftermath is a small city style map ravaged by a Tsunami
Map 3: Cove is a port town engulfed in a dense layer of fog
Map 4: Ravens Down is a re make of a DLC map from Gears of War 1 and the smallest map you’ll ever play in Gears of War( I loved this map when it came out in 2006)

Ravens Down is a must for Doubles matches

Map 5: Jacento is a re done version of the gears 2 map

Not only will you be getting 5 maps in this DLC you will also finally have access to those limited character skins that were given out as pre-order bonuses from various vendors ( Game stop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart)

  • Mechanic Baird

    I finally get " Mechanic Baird" and I don't have to buy a stupid Band-Aid pack!
  • Savage Grenadier
  • Commando Dom
  • Savage Hunter ( This skin is a completely new design and previously not available anywhere and he looks bad ass!)

Although EPIC hasn’t said that they wont be releasing more content in the future I am going to go on the assumption that this is the last of the Gears DLC we will be seeing. Considering that the map count in our possession is now at 20+ maps I think we have gotten our moneys worth.
Now the long run to a sequel begins and we get to see how much steam Gears of War 3 has in it before fans start craving a new title in the franchise.

Rev up your Lancers and shoulder your shotguns for battle; ” Forces of Nature” hits the street on March 27th!

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash