The Fall of Cybertron is coming…are you ready for it?

January is an exciting time of year for me. Not only do I get  to ring in the new year and start all of my new years resolutions but I also get to create my road map of video games that will eventually make its way into my library. That in itself is a topic for an upcoming article but there is one game in particular that I am so pumped for its almost busting out of me!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is an interesting sequel to the game Transformers: War for Cybertron . The reason for this is quite simple really. The first game received critical praise across the board from all gaming sites ( some sites gave it a 9.5!) and it was widely known to be one of the best video games of the release year. It combined a 3 player co-op campaign and a story that Transformers fans have wanted to experience since they fell in love with the cartoons in the 80;s.
The interesting part is that this is a sequel to a game that a large amount  of video gamers out there have yet to play. It is an EPIC sequel to a game that will no doubt get passed off as a ” kids game” and dismissed with a simple ” Meh”

While I wont go into detail on ” War for Cybertron” here I will tell you this…Get ready for Fall of Cybertron!

Details are scarce on what exactly this game will contain in the way of improvements there is already a list forming from various sources scattered around the web.
The games multiplayer component is one that we at the EGL are all salivating over and are holding our breath for.
Here are some point-form details on what to expect this Fall when the game launches. I have broken them down into Campaign and Multiplayer for easy reference as well we have posted a screenshot gallery  for your viewing pleasure.


  • Takes place during the final days of the Cybertronian Wars
  • The Autobots have built the ” Ark” to transport them off planet in search of a new home
  • Megatron is back and both him and Prime have gone through some cosmetic improvements
  • Dinobots and Insectacons are in the game
  • The combiner ” Bruticus”  is in game along with some if not all of the Combaticons.
  • Jazz, Bumblebee,Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime return for the Autobots along with others
  • Lack of Co-op allowed for better level design and more spotlight on established characters and story telling
  • More variety of environments and color pallet is used versus the firsts games repetitive cityscape
  • Characters all have key unique abilities that set them apart from one another.


  • Players will be able to create a more customized Bot this time around.
  • Body parts and transformations sequences are able to be customized not just selecting a body template and color swapping
  • Multiple game modes
  • A co-op ” survival mode”

Screenshot Gallery