Battlefield Tactics: “Being a better Conqueror “

Battlefield 3 is not a typical FPS by any means. I fact typical can’t really explain the insane military sandbox experience it delivers. In a typical battlefield 3 game you will experience so many OMG moments that other games in the genre just can’t keep up. If it’s not the sheer adrenaline rush of rushing an objective with a squad mate and ” capping ” it with just the two of you like something out of a Rambo movie or if it’s the excitement of flying an  gunship into an enemy occupied zone while your team mates parachute out of your bird raining gunfire down on the bad guys from above.These and many other situations are all a part of the battlefield 3 experience and no game even comes close!

That said ; the game also requires a certain amount of understanding of key principles and knowledge of  the various game modes to achieve victory. This article will be the first in a series that will serve as an introduction to the various game modes in Battlefield 3 and also provide some helpful tips on how to better yourself while playing them. Lets talk about Conquest.


The objective of Conquest is to occupy pre determined zones on the map. A typical map will have anywhere from 3-5 zones to capture and they will be designated by letters ( Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc..)

Caspian Border has 4 capture zones

The zones all start off in a neutral state when the game begins but when a friendly soldier moves into the ” capture radius” of a particular zone ( these are marked in-game by a Flag stand )then the zone begins to get ” capped” by your team. When the zone has been taken over your teams flag will be flying high on the stand. Once you have captured the majority of zones on the battlefield your score counter will stabilize and you will see your opponents score counter start to ” tick away”. They will start losing respawn tickets faster and eventually because you control the majority zones they will eventually run out of respawns and lose the match.
Conquest then becomes a power struggle for the various zones with the tides of battle flowing back and forth as zones are captured and re taken.

Conquest encourages a very global perspective of the battlefield and you soon start to realize that lone wolf tactics are not going  to work; after all how can one man be in so many different locations at once. Well that’s where teamwork and squads come in.
Sadly Battlefield 3 does not give any one player the ability to communicate with an entire team. It does however support squads of 4 players that you can communicate with at all times and if you are fortunate enough to all get into a game and on the same team together you can que up a XBOX live party( 8 friends) and maintain communication that way.

Make no mistake; you can’t tackle a game of conquest alone and hope to emerge a winner. If you don’t enter a game as part of a squad then make sure you form one or join one when you get in game. Having randoms is better than being stuck in a zone by yourself with no one to respawn with if you die.

General Conquests tactics

Home sweet home: When you spawn onto the battlefield for the first time you will be staring at your deployment zone. This area is filled with lots of goodies for you to use ranging from Jets to jeeps and everything in between. After the shock factor of seeing a jet go blasting down the runway ( unless you’re the one in the cockpit) towards the enemy wears off you can decide how you want to approach capturing the various zones. Take a few seconds to decide how you want to approach the coming battle and if a group of you are planning on traveling together then start looking around for a multi passenger vehicle to get you there in one piece.
The deployment zone is also good for having a quick discussion on tactics before things get to intense. The beauty of this area is it is safe from enemy gunfire…for now.

Once you have determined your objectives and located them on the map its time to get the job done! In Conquest it’s never a quick decisive victory as the time it takes to deplete a enemies re spawn tickets allow for rallying and regrouping. I was even in a game of Conquest where we had less than 20 respawn tickets left and our opposing team had approx 80 tickets and we managed to stabilize the battlefield and occupy and control the map to the point where we actually won it! Conquest is a war not a quick firefight. Plan  for an overall strategy.

Dont bite off more than you can chew: What  this means is that if you are faced with 4 different objectives on the map then you and your squad need to isolate a couple or few zones and focus your attention there. It does not benefit the Team if you are constantly running around the map capturing zones and  then running away to capture the next one. Play some defense as well. If you and your squad capture a zone; stick around for a while. Make sure it’s secured before moving on to your next objective. To many time have I seen a squad take a zone and then leave it only to have a single soldier from the opposing  team casually wander in and neutralize the point that was just captured. Wasted work.

Use your vehicles: The various modes of transportation are also equipped with death-dealing weaponry. Helicopters, jeeps and even LAV’s can all tilt the tides of battle in your favour at a particular capture point if used correctly. Taking an enemy who is unprepared by surprise buys you precious moments that you can use to dig in and fortify a capture zone you just took.  Even a LMG equipped jeep can blitz a point and wipe out an enemy squad who was expecting foot soldiers. In conquest timing is everything and the ability to bounce back and forth and react quickly to situations as they arise is a key factor in winning.






Why walk when you can run…why run when you can drive…why drive when you can fly!

Talk your ass off:  You and your squad need to be in constant communication. Not the friendly ” how was your weekend” kind of chatter but the kind that involves call outs and tactics. Class choices need to be swapped out oon the fly as the situation merits it. If your squad is pinned down by a tank ; tell everyone. Dead bodies laying everywhere ( yours not the opponents) then shout out for a medic.
It is very frustrating hiding in a dumpster while a tank blasts away at everyone around you because no one thought to switch to an engineer class that is better equipped to tackle armor.” Know your Role” but also know when to switch roles as the landscape of the battle dictates it.

Communicate your intentions often especially if you are out of visual range of your squad mates. If you are going to capture a point wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have support with you.Sitting in a capture zone by yourself ranks up there as some of the most stressful things to do in Battlefield 3. paranoia sets in as you scan all corners and angles versus having a couple of squad mates watching your back and patrolling the area after a successful capture. All to say is just use your Mic for more than singing the latest Justin Beiber single.

K/D means nothing in conquest: Focus on your capture points and not  your Kill Death Ratio. Remember your fighting for a greater goal and if that means you jump on a few grenades to save your team or you fly your jet into a tank that’s taking a capture point…well so be it.

To many cooks in the kitchen: In Conquest you will typically have a team of 12 soldiers all running around the battlefield capturing zones. This is where the deficiencies of Battlefield 3’s squad system rears its ugly head. You and your fellow ” greenie” can all talk to each  other but the ” blues” cant ( the terms refer to the color above your head as dictated by whether or not you’re in a squad with a team-mate) and this poses a problem when you’re at a capture zone and there are 4 ” greenie” and 8 ” Blues”. Thats 12 players all at one objective and that also means that the other capture zones are probably in the process of being captured as you guys all sit around and roast marshmallows and feel good about swarming a single point.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation at a single zone then make yourself scarce. Either wait and see if the ” Blues” leave and move on or do it yourself but remember that you need to control at least 3 points in a 4 zone Conquest game and if there are 12 players per team then that’s 1 squad per objective.

Listen to your Tac Comm: The game does a great job of calling out key sound bites during gameplay. All sorts of info ranging from grenade proximity to profanities spewing from soldiers mouthes. One of the real good pieces of info is when enemy armor or air support is in the area. The game will litteraly advise you when this is happening all based around the spotting feature in the game. Spotting ( hitting the select button) is a great way to increase tactical awareness i a game of conquest. Dont assume that everyone knows and sees whats going on. I can’t count the times that I have been ambushed by a freaking tank! I know right!?!? How do you get ambushed by a tank?!?!?!Spotting and call outs make that scenario less frequent.

Fight to your last Respawn Ticket: Even when the odds are stacked against you and you are dwindling down to your last ticket you have  to keep going. The way the game of conquest works is that you will not lose respawn tickets if you control majority of capture zones. It IS possible to have complete dominance over the battlefield and stem your bleed out of tickets right down to the last one and see a shift wherein you will win. It has happened and you can also snatch a victory from the claws of defeat.

Conquest is one of the longer game types in Battlefield 3 and not everyone has the patience to play it. Its long , bloody, and  feels like war but the thrill you’ll get when you hear the game ending  music start to play and your on the winning side of the fence is un matched by any other game.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Next up on Battlefield Tactics: ” What’s the RUSH?”