Medal of Honor 2 Reveal in March!

If you are like me you always root for the underdog in any situation. I always pull for the Canucks, I always support the small business vs the big box store, and of course I play Battlefield instead of Call of Duty.

in 2010 I was playing a little game called Medal of Honor. The reason I call it little is because it was a reboot of a popular franchise and your average person still brainwashed by Call of Duty could give a rat’s ass about it.
Man they sure missed out! The game had its problems but its good points far outweighed its bad ones. The game also had an incredibly steep learning curve for a FPS and in a world where a 6 year old kid needs to be able  to pick up a game and get a 15 kill streak in his first game…well MOH was not getting any love from this generation’s shooter fans.  I loved it though and its coming back with a sequel!

Next to nothing is known about the follow-up ( Assuming its even called Medal of Honor 2) but we do have a few assumptions to go on. The main one is that it will be using the amazing Frostbite 2.0 engine to render its game. The first game used a ” in development” version of Frostbite 2.0 and was a major upgrade over the previous EA game Bad Company 2. It had less of a focus on destructable  environments and more on infantry and squad tactics with an immersive feeling.

We also know that the games main developer ” Danger Close” is handling both aspects of the game this year ; Single player and Multiplayer ( MOH’s multiplayer was farmed out to DICE in the last go around)

This game has me excited for a variety reasons but mostly because it represents the ability to take Call of Duty’s market share completely. BF3 is a different kind of shooter and while we all want to say which is better the truth is MW3 and BF3 are distant cousins as far as genre’s go.
Medal of Honor is the head to head battle. Both games feature infantry and corridor based environments with a total focus on gunplay and not vehicles.
In a world where the COD brand is starting to show fatigue the time is right for a new three-letter acronym game title to take its place . Gamers will find themselves looking to fresh new experiences this year and if Danger close plays their cards right they could deliver that experience even more so than Battlefiled 3 did in 2011.

Medal of Honor 2 is going to be revealed at the GDC in March ( March 5-9th) and I can expect that we will see a trailer and eventually throughout the year more gameplay and a BETA.

Get ready shooter fans because I think 2012 will be the year of tough decisions and lines that get drawn. I know what side I’ll be standing on in October !

UPDATE: The new title to the sequal has just been officially announced and EA has released some officially ” inspiration Artwork” for the new game. More details to follow at GDC in a couple weeks.