Operation Racoon City Now Recruiting: 4v4 Launch Tournament incoming

March 20th will come and go to the majority of the gaming population but for a dedicated group of us it marks a scary day indeed but not for the reasons you would think. It is the day that the Resident Evil franchise fully embraces a new play style and direction; Resident Evil becomes a 3rd person shooter!

I have been watching a ton of gameplay and promotional footage and everything points to a solid product within that genre; whether you like the fact Resident Evil is a shooter in this incarnation or not there is no denying that they have created a polished product ( Full review pending). The EVO Gaming League wants to host a launch Tournament to take place on March 23rd ( date still needs to be finalized) and will be FREE to enter and play out completely online.

All registration can be sent to gamingevolved@gmail.com or via EVO Knight on Xbox Live. You will need to send the following information in your message

1: Team Name
2: Roster gamertags

All game modes and map selection along with rules and regulations will be posted at http://www.evogames.ca the week of the games release.

We are looking forward to this event as it’s not a triple A title but we belive it will have a loyal community of players who will want to face off in a competitive environment.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash