Binary Domain Multi-Player Video Review

Binary Domain has finally Launched and I am excited because it is a brand new IP ( intellectual Property). The gaming landscape has been filled with sequels and spin offs for so long now that gamers are programmed to only purchase and play established franchises. Binary Domain is an under the radar” title that will most likely go unnoticed by the majority of gamers around the world and probably dismissed as a ” Gears of Terminator” copy cat game.

After playing it first hand I can safely say that those who pass on this game will be missing out.

I have embedded my video review of Binary Domain’s multi-player component in this article but will also be following up with a written review of the campaign/story mode as soon as I have finished the game ( Gimme a few days guys…Im a full-time father and husband)

Remember; this is our first video review and even though it doesn’t have any gameplay footage due to our technical deficiencies you can at least finally put a face to the words I have been throwing at you for months now.


Dwayne”EVO Knight”Morash


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