Gamer Spotlight: Patrick Dolejs aka EVO Marksman

Name: Patrick Dolejs

Gamertag: EVO Marksman

Bio: Patricks has been playing XBOX360 for a while now and just recently took a liking to the competitive multi player side of. Having gone through the typical training grounds online with matchmaking and random lobby’s he soon realized there was more competition and challenges playing known opponents. Patrick has participated in several EGL tournaments and even though he did not walk away with 1st place in every event he demonstrated his sportsmanship in all cases. I recommend everyone to hit him up online and get into a game with him. He is a great team player and shows lots of promise for competitive gaming in the future.

Biggest Video Game acomplishment: acquiring EVERY achievement in Skyrim ( that’s right folks check his gamerscore…its 1000)

Preffered games ATM: Battlefield 3, Skyrim

What he’s playing right now: Force Unleashed