Binary Domain: Multi Player UPDATE


As you all know I have been busy playing the latest release from Sega ; Binary Domain. Having finished the single player campaign and utterly enjoying it  to death I am now turning my full attention to the games multi player offerings. If you read my review you also know that I have made everyone aware that the state of the multi player in Binary Domain is rough indeed. While I do belive the single player portion of this game to be worth every penny of the game BE WARNED if you buy this game anticipating a playable online experience please hold off on purchasing it.

The games current population online is barely enough to support having multi player. There are barely any active matches being played and the ones that are can barely sustain a decent host.

Hit detection is suffering due to extreme LAG and to see your opponent teleport across the map or disappear entirely as your shooting them is not uncommon.

There is no reliability in what you are seeing on the map and getting shot from nowhere is frustrating. You will look across a section of the map and not see an enemy and a second later after you turn your back someone has appeared and shot you.

I do not know what is being done to fix these issues if anything at all. Being that this game is a very low profile title means the Developers probably don’t have the resources to out into it. There is no official community page ie Forums anywhere that I can find on the internet.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for up  to date details on the status of the multi player in Binary Domain.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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