Let the hunt begin: Taking on terrorists the Rainbow Six way

So you think you are good at FPS’s huh? Tearing up the COD leaderboard and calling down AIRSTRIKES like a pro?
The real question you need to answer is ; Have you played Rainbow Six Vegas 2’s Terrorist Hunt game mode…and walked away in one piece?

Terrorist Hunt is a unique game mode that Ubisoft created for its 2006 release and made its way into the sequel a year later. The objective of Terrorist Hunt is to team up with up to 3 other friends and enter a map of your choosing with the goal of wiping out every last terrorist on the map. Simple, right ?

The terrorists in this game aren’t your garden variety AI . These guys coordinate and use tactics like no ones business and if you have the guts to crank up the games difficulty meter they become expert marksman as well.
Not only is the game mode challenging but it is incredibly fun.CoOp play typically is very frantic and chaotic when you are playing games like Gears of War, HALO: Reach, and Call of Duty all of which have their own co-operative game mode as well; but terrorist hunt cultivates a sense of tension and suspense. Unlike the above mentions games that all feature co-op modes Terrorist hunt is not “wave’ based . This means that your AI enemies are not simply swarming after you forcing you to mow them down as they charge after you. In fact the show is on the other foot making you the hunter and them your prey. up to 45 enemies are scattered throughout the map all unsuspecting until you either show yourselves or trigger an alarm but failing to dispatch one of their fellow own quietly. This element creates a sense of dread as you move throughout the map not knowing if there will be an enemy squad in the next room or if one of them will come walking around the corner with a shotgun ready to end you. Rainbow six Vegas epitomizes team work and tactics and no other game mode showcases it like Terrorist Hunt.

For my example on how to set up a Terrorist Hunt lobby I am going to use Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

How to create a Terrorist Hunt lobby

1:Assemble your team: Make sure you have 3 other XBL friends to go into battle with. Also make sure you all have working headsets and mics. Verbal communication is the key to completing a mission. No excuses here. If your team-mate doesn’t have one either go buy him one or find a new team-mate.

Standard issue for anyone playing a game of Terrorist Hunt
or better yet a pair of these bad boys...
2:Outfit your character for Terrorist Hunt mode: This is a common mistake players make as the game has two different load out options depending on what game mode you are playing ( Versus or Story/Terrorist Hunt). Make sure  you customize your load out based on a team effort. My recommendation is not to load up on sniper rifles if you are playing on a map that caters to close quarters and interior locations. I have seen too many players automatically pick sniper rifles because they are ” leet quick scoperz” and not bother to  think if it makes sense within the parameters of the map they are playing on.
3:Map selection: Try and decide on a map as a team. If you have success on one map move to the next. The game doesn’t auto que the maps for you so treat each one as a separate mission that you want to succeed at. Start with the smaller maps and move up to the more complex ones as your skills improve.I recomend “Vegas Junkyard” for a starting map.
Dont worry, eventually youll play all the maps. Just pick one you all agree on
4:Difficulty setting: There are 3 different levels to choose from. Casual, Normal and realistic. There is no shame in starting at the easiest level until you get familiar with the game mode. It’s also important to note that the amount of respawns you get in the mission is tied to your difficulty level. Casual= 3 lives Normal=2 lives and Realistic=1 life. Choose wisely.
5:Enemy Density: This option allows you to filter how many terrorists you will be faced with eliminating on the map. You 3 choices are Low, Medium, and High. Low= 25 terrorists Medium= 35 Terrorists and High= 45 Terrorists.
If you feel like a challenge turn it to high on one of the smaller maps. It’s basically a ” Terrorist Soup”
6: Round duration: Simply choose a time limit that your team wants to abide by . This puts extra strain on your operation and forces you and your squad to be mobile and eliminate the enemy in an efficient manner so you don’t run the clock down
7: Max Players: Always set this to the exact size of your party unless you want randoms jumping in on your Op.

Advanced Settings

  1. Friendly Fire: if you are like me and want realism in your game toggle it on. Before you do that however make sure your team is okay with it. Most people I play with don’t like this feature turned on because it hinders their ability to ” spray and pray” and hose everyone down in front of them with a hail of bullets. I like the added realism and challenge but the last thing you want is angry team mates who will rage quit because you accidentally popped him in the head when he walked in front of you. Do a vote and pick accordingly.
  2. Join in progress: If your lobby is locked to the amount of players you want in it then you don’t need to worry if it’s on or off. I leave it on all the time in case someone drops out accidentally.

PRO Tips

  •  Communicate with your team mates at all times. Even if its something as simple as announcing a grenade toss. Tell everyone when you have cleared a doorway so they know its safe to enter. Rainbow Six uses a lot of interior environments and unlike other modern shooters you need to look in your corners and think tactical in close quarters. There is NO knifing in this game.
  • Listen to your environment. I always laugh when i see players que up a game of terrorist hunt and take off their gaming headset or crank up their music exclaiming that they don’t need to hear game sound when they play. In Terrorist Hunt the enemies actually speak during your mission and will communicate their intentions to each other allowing you to get a heads up on what they are planning. Not only that but ambient noise like footsteps and doors being open are a HUGE part of your potential success in this game .
  • Silence is golden: Make sure you equip your silencers when you start the Op. The longer you can go undetected in a map the better your chances of taking our more terrorists and completing the mission.
  • Use cover: Im not gonna go into detail on the games cover system here…suffice to say; Use it!
Cover is your friend; Love the cover!
  • Dont rush the map: The urge to run ahead and start taking out the terrorists is going to overwhelm you at some point, especially when you see there numbers start to deplete. Remember what I said. These guys are smart and just when you think you have gotten them on the run they surprise you and rally. All it tackles is one stray bullet from a well concealed enemy and your mission is over. Play it safe and move with a purpose.
  • ” Tag em and Bag em”. Use your LB on your controller to tag enemies. This will put a red icon above the terrorists heads and make life that much easier when looking for targets on the map.
  • You can see in the dark ; they can’t. Use smoke to your advantage. All players are equipped with infrared goggles and can be activated with a click on the RB. Toss some smoke into a room to disorient the terrorists and take em out predator style!

    " If it bleeds you can kill it!"

While not a complete list of tactics by any stretch I hope these tips come in handy and for those of you who havent played terrorist Hunt yet I think that  this article will give you a good overview of what to expect when you jump in.

Dwayne  “EVO Knight” Morash


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