New Column: “My Gaming Rig”

Welcome to a new feature at EVO Unlimited. Since one of our big focuses at  EVO is to promote the growing community of competitive gamers we felt that we should start to feature other gamers personal gaming stations and the equipment they use.Whether you are gaming in the living room with your 50″ television or you are huddled up in your bedroom with a small screen this will be a chance to share with everyone what your set up looks like and get ideas from other players in the community.Just send us your pictures and a listing of all the equipment that you are using in your home gaming station. Make sure the picture captures all the equipment you use and is clear and of decent quality. Each month we will feature a different gamers set up so if you want to be featured in the column you better make sure you clean up your bedroom before you take the pictures!

I’ll start the column off this month by showing all of you my current gaming set up ( my main one).

 EVO Knights Gaming Rig

  • Xbox 360 slim
  • Altec Lansing PC speakers
  • 24″ LG monitor ( 2ms response time with HDMI)
  • Standard Xbox 360 controller
  • Tritton ” Detonator” gaming headset
  • Ipad 2 ( I use it to type out XBL messages via “MyXbox” app rather than a chat pad)
  • Comfy computer chair ( not shown)

and below are some pics of my old gaming set up for nostalgia…..I actually think my new one is rather cozy 🙂

So make sure you send us your submissions for a chance to be picked and show off your personal gaming rig!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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