Battlefield 3 gets DLC in June

The wait is finally over…well almost. DICE has officially announced there DLC plans for Battlefield 3 and when we can expect to get our hands on the expansions. Yes that’s right I called them expansions. While everyone refers to any post game release content as DLC , dice prefers to think of them as expansions, indicating that they are more substantial than simple add ons.

The expansions are all set to launch this year during timed intervals

Close Quarters: This is the first piece of content and its set to land in June. The aptly named pack will focus on interior locations and come with 4 new maps and 10 new weapons. While not capturing the true essence of a battlefield game it will probably serve to draw in gamers who like corridor based shooters ala Medal of Honor and dare I say it….Call of Duty.

Armored Kill: The fall will see the arrival of this piece of content and not a lot is known about it beyond the name. Dice has stated that it will contain the largest map they have ever created as well as new vehicles.

End Game: The last of the planned expansion packs will see the light of day sometime this winter. Nothing is known about the content of this expansion beyond the name.

Perhaps the most exciting news in regards to all of this incoming content is DICE finally announcing that console players will have the ability to rent servers just like their PC counterparts. This means that we can now integrate Battlefield 3 into our EGL and start hosting tournaments.

No date was given as to when we could expect to see the Battlelog update that brings with it the ” rent a server” option.

Stay tuned and we will update with more details as they become available.


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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