Operation Raccoon City: Nemesis Mode

If all the controversy that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City ( RE:ORC) is getting wasnt enough ; along comes another potential reason to critic the game.

‘”Nemesis Mode” is a XBOX 360 exclusive game mode that brings back a familiar face from the game Resident Evil:3…The Nemesis. For those who havent played RE:3 , the Nemesis is a gigantic BOW ( Bio Organic Weapon) that spends the game stalking the games heroine; Jill Valentine. The Nemesis is also the main antagonist of the second resident evil movie and his character design in the new game reflect that design esthetic.

Nemesis has been hitting the gym and he also traded in his Rocket Launcher for a nice new Mini Gun!

In RE:3 you play as Jill Valentine , a member of the elite S.T.A.R.S team ( get the feeling resident evil has to many acronyms?) trying to escape raccoon city which is being overrun by zombies and BOW’s all the while being stalked at every turn by the monstrous Nemesis.

At the time this game was launched it was an exciting new gameplay mechanic that was introduced to create tension and fear in the player. If you dawdled to long in a location the Nemesis would show up and rip through a wall just to get at you. This created a sense of urgency in everything you did knowing that he was two steps behind you at all times. His arrival was announced but a guttural growl from the Nemesis himself the now infamous ” Staaaaaarrrs”.

Well my friends Nemesis is back for better or worse and his current incarnation headlines the new exclusive game mode for XBOX 360 users.

Nemesis mode is essentially a ” King of the Hill” game mode but as with everything that RE:ORC does it has a narrative element interwoven into it. The match tasks each team to accumulate a certain number of capture points by controlling the designated territory(s) with the winning team the ones who reach the victory total first. Simple right?

Well the map also has a control terminal in it and the team that reaches it and ” caps” it has the ability to activate a dormant Nemesis that is conveniently waiting in a crate on the map. Once activated the Nemesis will then begin to target the opposing teams players and end their existence ( at least until there next spawn) with his trusty mini gun!

That’s right “Party Girl” you better hide!

Control of the Nemesis will flow back and forth throughout the game based on who owns the Nemesis control panel and anticipate a very ” tug o war” style gameplay element as a result of this rule.

While I am excited about the inclusion of such an iconic character in this new game I am also worried that he will be watered down and reduced to nothing other than a simple game mechanic.The Nemesis is probably one of the series most stress inducing villains that to this day has yet to be replicated in any game. I can say that many sleepless nights were had after hearing his famous calling while I was walking down a corridor in RE3:Nemesis.

The saddest thing however is that this generations gamers probably have no clue who the hell Nemesis is. Rest assured that on March 20th , new players to the Resident Evil franchise and players who havent experienced his breakout role in RE3: Nemesis will be introduced to him and one can only hope that they to will hear his spine tingling ” Staaaaarrrrsss….” in their head as they cower in their beds trying to sleep!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


2 thoughts on “Operation Raccoon City: Nemesis Mode”

  1. “The Nemesis is probably one of the series most stress inducing villains that to this day has yet to be replicated in any game.” um excuse me? NO ONE has did a “nemesis” before, um…can you say Scissorman of Clock Tower? For the records, he was first (before both RE’s Nemesis AND Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head) and if you literally stood in one spot too long, he’d kill you. Nem. on the other hand would only show up at certain cue points and IMO scissorman was scarier because of that. he was always hunting you and you just never knew when or where he was gong to show up next. Even if you hid, there’s no guarantee he left… Nemesis scared the crap out of me too, but Scissorman will always be my fav…cuz i STILL have nightmares of him o-o|

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