Operation Raccoon City: Heroes Wanted

Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City is launching on March 20th much to the chagrin of many loyal Resident Evil fans around the world. The reason behind this is simple; Its changing the formula of what previous resident evil games have been about.

The first resident evil pioneered a new genre called ” Survival Horror” and set the standard for games that would try to emulate it in the years to come. It was a slow-paced methodical game that stressed tension filled moments and intricate puzzles over fast paced shooting and massive supplies of weaponry.

For those who refuse to accept the fact that this game is not born out of that formula there is a game mode that may bridge the gap enough to convince you that Resident Evil; Operation Raccoon City does indeed have a place in the halls of the Resident Evil series.

Heroes Mode is a Resident evil fans dreams come true. You get to play as all your favourite characters from Resident Evil 2 and 3 ! Now being that the HEROES is a competitive versus mode this means that your opponent will also be using famous characters as well and depending on what side your on you’ll either have good guys or bad guys to choose from.

Lets have a look at the cast










































How it works

Heroes mode is actually very cool and very simple. Everyone starts the match in control of one of the iconic  characters from the above list. The initial choice you take is important because it’s the only time in the match that you’ll be playing as a HERO. Once you die in this game mode you will respawn as either a US. Spec Op character or a U.S.S character.

Hero characters also come pre equipped with specific weapons acting as base line class systems and unfortunately you will have to be quick off the draw to get the character you want to play as in public matches .

The object is to eliminate all the other teams HERO characters to claim victory. So lets say for example you are playing as Leon Kennedy and manage to take out Ada Wong on the other team; that player then re spawns as a U.S.S character and continues to fight making sure that his/her teams other HERO characters do not meet a similar fate.
The HERO characters are more resistant to taking damage than the standard characters that you respawn as so their is definitely an advantage to the team that has more HEROES left .

Now keep in mind that you still have zombies and B.O.Ws running loose in the map as well so you will have to contend with them as well as the opposing players.

Haters gonna Hate but I am truly excited to get my hands on this game. I think it has enough elements from past games in the franchise to imbue it with a certain Resident evil feel while taking us on a shooter thrill ride through some old stomping grounds in Raccoon City.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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