Killer Beauty: A female gamers perspective on Competitive gaming

Competitive Video Gaming has long been the domain of the male portion of the gaming population with the female gamers being stereotyped as the ones who prefer to sit on the couch and play Mario Bros. or  strut their stuff in Dance Central.

EVO Unlimited was fortunate enough to get an interview with a dedicated gamer who not only breaks the  above mentioned stereotype but might even give anyone who steps into the virtual arena with her a run for their money!

Her name is Tammy Sue and yes guys…she is a “Girl Gamer”

Hello Tammy. Thank you for taking some time today to talk to us about your journey into the world of competitive gaming. I want to get some basic stuff out-of-the-way and well get on to the juicy stuff in a bit.

EVO Unl: I know it’s not proper to ask but for the readers at home; how old are you? 

Tammy:I am 38 just proving even more games are no longer just for kids’ lol

EVO Unl: What was the first Video Game that you remember playing and what system?

 Tammy:I would have to say the Atari system and it was some command and conquers game to many years to remember the exact name. Yes dating myself even further lol

EVO Unl:What interested you about playing video games versus other forms of entertainment that is available to us?

Tammy:I have a pretty good balance of many different forms of entertainment, I just like on-line gaming because you have the ability to interact with people from all over the world and have fun doing so.  And where else are you going to be able to blow stuff up without getting in a world of trouble lol

EVO Unl:How long have you been playing games of a competitive nature?

Tammy:For about 4 years on the PS3 and about 10 on computers

EVO Unl:Do you have a preferred platform to game on (Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC etc…) and if so what attracts you to that platform in particular.

Tammy:Well I am a diehard PS3 player and I prefer the Battlefield games I have been playing those since bad company 1 and still a huge fan with battlefield 3. I love the team play and it takes and the interaction with your fellow gamers to have a fully enjoyable gaming experience.

EVO Unl:What are you currently playing in the way of competitive games?

Tammy: I play a wide range of games but at the moment I mainly focus my attention to Battlefield 3.

EVO Unl:What do you like about BattleField3?

Tammy:Well I like the play style and ability to use the mics and the team play based game play. And the graphics are awesome.

EVO Unl:What are your thoughts on the overall state of battlefield 3?

Tammy: I love blowing stuff up on the game and kicking butt and taking tags. And must say thou my biggest dislike is people using  defrag to hide in places and just random fire and getting kills for aiming at doors lol but there are upsides and downsides to every game.

EVO Unl:Do you find that female gamers get enough respect when it comes to the world of competitive gaming and the community that surrounds it?

Tammy:No not always when I first began to play people would stayed teamed up with me for many matches UNTIL I would use my mic and they heard I was female lol and I personally get a lot of hate mail each day from fellow male gamers who just cannot handle a female in their game let alone doing better than them.  But threw my years of playing a have developed an awesome group of fellow players that help ensure I receive very little disrespect on the mics.

EVO Unl:The popular myth in traditional sports is that females are not able to deal with demanding physical sports such as football etc. This MYTH is totally dispelled of course when it comes to Video Games and online competition but have you faced any challenges personally in stepping into the world of competitive video games especially first person shooters and such?

Tammy:Well in this day and age anymore that myth has a few times been dispelled even in the traditional sports lol.  When I first began I faced it a lot and Male gamers would opening complain about a female being on their team. I just made it a point to show them this is not just a man’s world we as females can play these shooter games and sports games just as well and even better at times the gender of a person has nothing to do with the accomplishments they can make in life on the game and off.

EVO Unl:More of a non gaming question but worth asking; do you find that other girls/women have a stigma towards other girls who play video games on more than a casual level i.e. Guys typically get bugged about being gaming nerds etc…

Tammy:This all depends on the personality of the non-gaming person. But yes I at times would get some gruff for it, I just always tell them not to knock it till you try it and you might just find yourselves hooked.

EVO Unl:Is there anything the industry can do to open up the doors to attract more of a female demographic to video games both competitive and casual gaming.

Tammy:Well for starters like in the game I play it would be nice if I could actually use a female character. I find a lot of games unless RPG bases tend to make it more inviting to the males and do nothing to draw us in or even lead us to believe its ok for us to love to play a war game ect.

EVO Unl:In closing do you have any words of advice for all those female gamers out there that are not quite sure what to make of this strange hobby that us guys have traditionally dominated that might make them feel a little more comfortable joining in on the fun?

Tammy:I would have to tell them nothing makes you feel better than to kick their Butts in a game that they tend to think is only for men. And for the really girly girls where else in life are you going to be able to have your nails done all nice and still kick the hell out of someone and not break them lol

EVO Unl:Thanks for your time Tammy and I hope that you stay involved with the community and continue to enjoy the world of competitive gaming!

Tammy:Thank you for your interest in to the female side of things I keep it short and sweet but there are still many Challenges we Fellow gamers face in this Male dominated gaming world.

Tammy aka "TammerSue" is 38 years old and an avid Battlefield 3 player

Interview conducted by : Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


3 thoughts on “Killer Beauty: A female gamers perspective on Competitive gaming”

  1. Awesome interview Tammy! And great job, Evo, for exploring the seldom noticed side to competitive gaming, Girl Gamers! Maybe some females out there will see this and give it a shot, as Tammy said, they just may like it!

  2. Glad some people recconise female gamers im a call of duty player but get so much hate for been a female all the get back to the kitchen comments get annoying me and a couple of other gamer girls made a fb group called girls are gamers too but where glad to see other girl gamers speaking out

  3. I cant beleive that you would get those kinds of comments but then again Call of Duty has the worst community in gaming history for that kind of behaviour. I hope that maybe you and your fellow gamers can find a home at EGU. We host tournaments and other events with a variety of games. Make sure you check out our official forums to get involved.

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