UPDATE:Space Marine 4v4 Tournament: April 2012

UPDATE: This event has now been upgraded to an 8 versus 8 format and the date has been locked down for April 15

EVO Unlimited is proud to announce the arrival of our second Tournament of 2012; Space Marine. This event will be hosted ONLINE sometime in April ( date to be determined) and will be open for a maximum of 4 teams. It will be a 4 versus 4  double elimination format.

We will be working with the Space Marine community to ensure that we have a balanced set of Competitive rules attached to the event.

Since Space Marine has not had a high level competitive event held for it since the game launched we are excited and proud to finally bring it to the community.

You can visit www.evogames.ca to get all the information regarding maps/game types and of course to view the team registry.

If you want to register for this event please send your team name and your team gamer-tags to gamingevolved@gmail.com

If you do not have a team but want to participate in this event send us your gamer-tag anyway and we will put you on a team.

Stay Tuned for more details


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