Ghost Recon Future Soldier “Guerilla Mode” Detailed

In 2008 a new piece of gamer lingo was introduced to the gaming population; ” Survival Mode”. This was a term that was coined to describe a game mode wherein a group of players would form a party and tackle wave after wave of enemy AI opponents/creatures/zombies/ anything the game could throw at you with the objective of surviving as long as you could. Some games built-in a level cap to this madness but essentially it played out like a hollywood ‘ last stand” movie where a small group of soldiers fought till the last bullet until they were rescued by the Calvary. Depending on the game the Calvary was usually a nice big score at the end of it all but the feeling of accomplishment was there nonetheless.

Gears of War started this trend and its been a staple of shooters ever since

The challenge game developers have had in the years following the introduction of this game mode was to make it fresh when they applied the basic concept to their respective games. What followed was almost every game incorporating some form of this mechanic shaped around a gameplay narrative that was unique to the game world that the players inhabited. Zombies, Aliens, mercenary soldiers, and even attack dogs with C4 strapped to their body’s have  all had their chance to shine in the spotlight.

Well now its Ghost Recon’s time to impress us with a survival game mode in its upcoming entry ; Ghost Recon Future Soldier and its called ” Guerilla Mode”

Ghost Recon Future Soldier takes it to a new level

Guerilla Mode is designed for 4 players and specifically it’s designed for  up to 4 ” friends” as in NO MATCH-MAKING is available. This may at first seem to be a glaring oversight but in practice it actually makes sense; I don’t want to go into a game of Ghost Recon with a random player who doesn’t understand the concept of tactical.

Think of “Guerilla” as a 50 wave tactical survival mission. You and your fellow Ghost’s start the mission with the primary objective to stealthily infiltrate and capture an enemy stronghold with the sole purpose of making it your own. Once this has been accomplished you will have a certain amount of time before the first wave to establish fortifications and set up a perimeter . Not only that but you will have some crates air dropped into your compound that contain munitions and weaponry to make your upcoming fight a little easier.

Once the waves start the bullets will be flying and the most traditional aspect of previous Ghost Recon Games is thrown out the window in favour of ” Balls to the Wall” ( what does that even mean???) shooting action. Teamwork will still play a role except now its going to be focused on providing suppressing fire and reviving downed team mates as opposed to coordinating a synchronized stealth takedown.

Get Sh#@#$%t done with you and 3 other friends!

Knowing and using the games myriad of options will help you survive each wave . If you are fortunate enough to be able to survive for an extended period of time you will receive what called ” Wave Streaks”. These take the form of enhanced perks or abilities such as Drones, Carpet bombing runs, placable turrets and all manner of extra love from your AI support.

Nothing like a Ariel Drone to even the odds

Once you hit wave 10 you will have to move out of your compound in favour of some new digs. The map will expand and locate a new compound for you and your team of Ghosts to take over just like you did in the first round of the game, and this starting the next 10 waves. Rinse and repeat until you hit wave 50 and you just may be able to call yourself a true Ghost Recon veteran.

While at first glance this game mode looks to be just another wave based survival mode I can honestly tell you that with the franchises trademark difficulty and the fact that it punishes run and gun behaviour with no remorse; this may just be the toughest Survival gameplay that your ever going to experience. While they havent confirmed it yet I can only hope that the series previous options for difficulty and enemy density make a return here in this new mode.

Optics Up!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is shaping up to be a great package for gamers in May between this and the 4 player fully CoOp campaign; Competitive Multiplayer will just be the sweet icing on the cake.

Look for the Multiplayer Beta to launch in April and then a short wait until May 22nd when we will finally get our hands on these elusive Ghosts!



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  1. I am working on getting it back up and running. I have been lazy and not put much into it but I am starting back up in June…look for more exciting articles and news!

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