Tournament Results March 23rd: Operation Raccoon City

Well the results are in and we have them here for you! The RE:ORC tournament kicked off at 6pm pst last night ( March 23rd) and went on until approx 11pm pst (that’s 2am in the morning for all you east coast readers!)

The event pulled in 16 dedicated players of Capcom’s newest entry into the Resident Evil franchise and despite the media beating its been taking since launch, everyone at the event was excited to finally see how the game held up under an organized competitive event.

The teams entered ran the gambit from seasoned pro’s in the competitive gaming arena to newly formed teams who hadn’t even played with their team mates before the nights event.

The excitement level was high and although we had a few missteps in the form of new game modes and timing of the championship matches overall the event went off without a hitch.

Heres the play by-play of the bracket.

Round one saw Team “Fox Hound’ square off against Team “Vapor Trail” and Team “Caution” take on Team “Sour Patch”
First round games consisted of a best of 3 games using the Team Attack game mode

After the dust settled on the first round we had line of sight on our loser bracket teams and who was moving on to round 2 of the winners bracket.

“Sour Patch” and “Vapor trail” took up arms in round one of the losers bracket playing a series of matches identical to round 1 ( Team attack , best of 3) while the winners round 2 saw “Caution” and “Fox Hound” go toe to toe in a series of  Bio Hazard  games.

The stars werent in alignment for Vapor Trail this time and the team was eliminated by ” Sour Patch ” in 2 straight matches and EVO Knight and his team found their final resting place for the night in the burning halls of ” Blood Drive”.

“Sour Patch” Led by Zombie Cakes was out for blood and was gunning for EJ Slacks and his Team “Caution” but first he had to take care of some business with Team “Fox Hound” led by II Soliduz who had been knocked down by “Caution” in round 2.

“Sour Patch” and “Fox Hound” fought hard in 3 full games of Bio hazard to see who would step back in the ring with the undefeated ‘”Caution”  and in the end it was Zombie Cakes who emerged in the final round!

The final Championship match was between “Caution” and “Sour Patch” in a game of HEROES. This was a double elimination match which meant that Sour Patch had to win 2 sets of best of 3 in order to claim victory in the entire event.

In the end Zombie Cakes couldnt topple EJ Slacks and his team and “Caution” walked away with the title.

Heres the breakdown

1st place: Team Caution

2nd place: Team Sour Patch

3rd place: Team Fox Hound

4th place: Team Vapor Trail

Sportsmanship award: Team Sour Patch

It was an awesome event and even though there was no cash prizing on the line there was definitely a lot of Pride. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Look forward to details on the next event for Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon city!


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