Gears of War 3 “Forces of Nature” Launches today!

Dig out your umbrella’s and put on your warmest pair of pants because the final piece of Gears of War 3’s season pass content has arrived!

Forces of Nature is now available to all XBL gold members and is FREE to all you dedicated Gears of War fans who thought to save some money and buy the Season Pass ( if you didn’t buy the season pass and have bought all the DLC released so far you deserve a big ol ” FacePalm” !because you could have saved a lot of money ! )

So does this new DLC give us a good reason to bust out our copies of GOW3 that may have been buried under your copy of Mass Effect 3? Lets find out!

The Maps

Artillery: If you never got to see the movie ” Twister” then you’ll get a close up screening of it when you boot up “Artillery”. Your battles with your opponents will take place admist an industrial complex but the backdrop show stealer is a massive swirling vortex on the horizon that is slowly building to epic proportions. The ambiance is of being at ground level of a tornado that will soon be on top of you.

I hope that thing doesn't get any closer!

Wind whistling and the visual characteristics such as swirling Ariel debris and an ominous feeling of nature about to unleash her fury pervades every second of your time on this map. If you want to show your friends what a truly amazing graphic engine that is powering Gears of War 3 looks like  you should show them this map. Flags actually behave like real fabric and patches of grass respond to the wind blowing in real-time! They will never look at a Call of Duty map in the same way ever again!

Cove: This map takes place on the docks overlooking a vast expanse of ocean although that is mostly covered with the heavy layer of fog that is the primary weather effect for this themed map. This is a smaller map with tight corners that encourages close quarters weapons. The fog is accompanied by an eerie green lighting effect that casts a gloomy foreboding feeling over you when playing this map.

Aftermath: Sunlight is never a bad thing and you couldn’t very well exclude it from a ” Nature” themed map pack just because it has happiness and joy associated with it.

Leave it to EPIC to put a Gears of War spin on it though. The beautiful urban architecture of Sera is broken up by a massive freighter ship that has plowed straight into the middle of the map and is overgrown with barnacles . This map is a very sniper friendly map allowing for clean lines of sights and open areas.

Look mommy..snow!..and a big helicopter!

Raven Down: This is  a classic Gears of War 1 map that initially came as a free download to those players who were willing to wait a month or so. I plopped down the MS points right away for it and loved every minute I spent playing it. The map revolves around a downed ‘ Raven” transport chopper and features some of the closest engagements you will ever have in a Gears of War game.

It is a symmetrical map that has the helicopter smack dab in the middle to divide the maps into 4 areas. Take 2 steps and pull out your shotgun because you KNOW you’ll be using it! Throw in the random element of a building snow storm and the game just got serious! The change of weather dramatically alters the way you approach the map due to limited line of sights! tread carefully or the snow under your feat may just be painted red with your blood!

Jacinto: Ahhh Jacinto. I have many memories of this map from Gears of War 2; most of which were wrapped up in frustration as it was a prefered map for most of the EGL tournaments we ran during Gears of War 2’s reign. It is a balanced map that requires lots of footwork. The map is spread out and not as symmetrical as other maps in the franchise. It has a variety of power weapons littered throughout including a mortar AND boom shot as well as a Hammer of dawn among others. Rotating between rounds are the rest of Gears arsenal .

This map is a stressful lesson on just how important it is to OWN the power weapons on any map.In the ” Nature” update Jacento is starting to get overgrown with Lambent and you can see cracks in the street with emulsion bubbling through as well as ” Stalks” pushing into the sky. Throw on an element of rain to obstruct vision and Javinto never looked so gloomy.

The DLC gets rounded out with a batch of Character Skins to complete your collection ( Mechanic Baird is the one Ive been waiting forever for!)

This add-on to the Gears of War 3 experience will cost you only 800 ms points ( Are you seeing this Activision?) and will complete  your line up of Gears 3 DLC…for now.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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