War is coming to the EGL in April !

April 15 marks an important day for us here at EVO Unlimited. As all of you know we are a small online community dedicated to bringing competitive gaming to the masses in a more personal way. Although there are numerous sites on the internet that cater to Online tournaments and events I have found most of them to be automated systems that simply rely on the community to play against each other in ” informal” ways while adhering to a set of rules that the site has forced upon the players.

While automation is a excellent feature to have when operating a site that is trying to organize hundreds of players into a cohesive event I am a firm believer in the good old hands on approach; especially when it comes to running events.

The EVO Gaming League is hosting our third Online tournament on April 15th and its a doozy. Not so much in the amount of teams that are participating but in the amount of organizing and the amount of players involved in it.

We are hosting a 8 versus 8 Space Marine Tournament and we have 4 full teams ready to throw down! This is a major step for us and I am extremely proud of the fact that it is for a game that isn’t a high-profile game like Halo or Gears of War.

It is a little known game that has an amazing community of players behind it and it is those players that are rallying to the call for this event.

The event will feature dedicated clans who have been playing against each other all year and have organized themselves very well even going so far as to have polished websites dedicated toi their clans and its members!

EVO Unlimited is working with the various community members to make sure that the rule sets are balanced and tuned to what we feel is a competitive template for this game. No other game site has tackled this game on the scale that we are ( to my knowledge) and if successful we hope to continue hosting events with this game as long as the community has interest.

You can check out the Space Marine Tournament page right here

I highly encourage all of you to check out my review of Space Marine that I wrote last year when the game came out and even go get a copy and play yourself. The game has lots of DLC and content to keep you busy into the year.

Make sure you stay tuned for the results and updates coming from the EGL when we launch the tournament in April!



Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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