Clan Spotlight: Fox Hound

EVO: Thanks for taking time out of your day to chat with us about your Clan guys. Lets start with your roster. How many  gamers make up Fox Hound exactly and who are they ?

II SoLiDuZ II : We are getting new recruits everyday.

II SoLiDuZ II                   PrideFulSeven       xGrimm 420            oAL Capwn                     madki11

IISoLiD SnaKeII              x OriginalSZ       AirWaffleCakes           Achilles Strife

Cloud Strife 7               crawler2000          DevilsEve                 Undeadassassins

MLP Killer                     DrooLeR11              I3ashy                    Kof Foxy

EVO: So what was the inspiration behind the name “ Fox Hound” ?

II SoLiDuZ II : The FoxHound name comes from the Metal Gear Solid series, the 2 leaders IISoLiD SNaKeII and I are big Metal Gear Solid fans and choose to name our clan after the best Unit in the Metal Gear Solid games.

IISoLiD SNaKeII:  Our clan name comes from a group of mercenaries named FoxHound that band together under one unit  for one cause.So they can use stealth and tactically to eliminate all opposition.

EVO: How did all of you guys manage to come together and actually form a dedicated clan that takes competitive gaming seriously?

II SoLiDuZ II : After IISoLiD SNaKeII and I left another clan we decide to make our own clan.We were always competitive gamers and wanted to get more gamers like us .

EVO: How long has Fox Hound been playing together as an organized unit and have  you found it difficult coordinating with each other’s schedules and Real life commitments?

II SoLiD SNaKeII : The clan was made in September last year , and no we take time out to play or just even talk in party chat each week.

EVO: One of the stigmas attached to organized clans and competitive gamers is their superior attitudes and larger than life personalities when it comes to playing games competitively. You guys seem pretty chill and easy-going; is that something you have had to consciously work at or are you really that way in general.

II SoLiDuZ II : I am always laid back im just a cool person everyone loves me lol.

IISoLiD SNaKeII : I am laid back also but I will verbally assassinate you if you get on my nerves.

Pridefulseven : I am pretty chill and sometimes i like being asshole playing around.

EVO:  When you talk about  “ Clans” to non competitive gamers the first thing that comes to mind is an elitist “ Gamer Club” that caters only to the best of the best and usually admittance into that club comes with a long set of rules and requirements handed out by the clan leader. Is this something you have also implemented in your recruiting and what exactly does someone have to do to become a member of Fox Hound?

II SoLiDuZ II : For us now you have to go through tryout to see how good you are , but if you’re a really cool person you can still get in.

II SoLiD SNaKe II : As far as the requirements they must have good teamwork skills, communication and can play a decent amount of time out of the week.

oAL Capwn : I think that the clan shouldn’t have racist or socially retarded people in it lol.

EVO:  You recently took part in an ONLINE Tournament hosted by the EVO Gaming League for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. That game received some pretty major thrashing in the media and on the established gaming review sites. What are your thoughts on the state of the game after launch compared to other competitive shooters and do you think hosting comepetitive events based around that game is a good idea?

II SoLiDuZ II  : I love the game and everything I expected i got out of the game besides a couple of glitchs that can be easily patched.I think it’s a great  idea to host competitive events , even tho we didn’t win the tourney our clan have a lot of fun and we will actually practice this time before the next  tourney lol.

Pridefulseven : I think the game is great it just has its little its flaws.

EVO: Now having said that, you guys did not win that particular event . Do you  think that Fox Hound will continue to support that game in the future ?

II SoLiDuZ II : We will definitely support Resident Evil ORC in the future , we all love the game.

Pridefulseven : Of course just because the other teams won doesn’t mean we will stop playing they just got luck we didn’t practice more lol.

EVO: What has the been the biggest challenge you have faced as a team; whether that be an opponent, a tournament or even just some personal challenges you’ve faced along the way?

 II SoLiDuZ II : Our biggest challenge was some personal stuff that happened but we got through it .

EVO: After all is said and done , would you recommend gamers out there taking steps to organize themselves into a cohesive unit like you have and what are some steps they can take to get them off on the right foot?

II SoLiDuZ II : I would recommend others to start a clan but they need to have patience and have time have fun and play games.And i would tell them don’t go for quantity go for quality , because you can have a lot of members but none of them stay to long , i like to get loyal members.

Pridefulseven : I would advise people to start they own clan if they want to, its is a great way to meet people.And the tips i would give is have people who loves playing games and good at the them who all get along.

EVO: I want to thank you guys for taking time away from your games to chat with us about yourselves and what Fox Hound is all about. Before I sign off I have to ask all of you guys; with all the new shooters coming out this year what does the future of Fox Hound hold. Are you guys going your separate ways when they start rolling in or do you have a handful that you’ve decided you are going to focus on as a unit?

II SoLiDuZ II : We will be making a Halo 4 , Ghost Recon and maybe even a Rainbow Six division when all of those new games come out.And the clan is like a XBOX family we will be around for a long time.

Pridefulseven : No , there might be new games coming out but its doesn’t mean it will break up the clan. Actually it will increase the members and depth in the clan because we will have more divisions.

EVO: Thanks again guys and We will be sure to keep an eye on your exploits this year and hope to see more of your gameplay Videos as well. Keep up the good work.

II SoLiDuZ II : I haven’t uploaded anything since the tourney but i will be soon.If any has request on what kind of Resident Evil ORC videos they want i ill take them.And thanks for interviewing us and putting us on the front page lol. FoxHound For Life

Pridefulseven : Dont let me catch you guys on Resident Evil ORC multiplayer alone lol.

EVO: Fox Hound has several homes on the internet and you can learn more about them as well as checking out their gameplay videos by going to the following sites

FoxHound Clan Site :!

II SoLiDuZ II : Youtube Channel  :

Cloud Strife 7 : Youtube Channel :

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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