Ghost Recon Future Soldier BETA April 19th

The wait is finally over! Ubi Soft has announced the details on the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta.

Starting on April 19th you will be able to jump in and start participating in the BETA as long as you have met the following conditions

1: Pre ordered the game from Gamestop

2: Own a copy of Splintercell Conviction ( accessible through the main menu)

The BETA will run from April 19th to May 3rd with a retail release on May 22nd.

The BETA will consist of 2 game modes; Conflict and Saboteur ( rolling out on April 26th)

Conflict sees two teams fight to complete objectives in the span of a fifteen minute round with points being awarded based on the objectives. At the end of the round the team with the most points wins!

Saboteur is a ” Plan Bomb and win” game type with the team who acquires the single bomb and detonates it in the enemies HQ being the victor.

The two modes will be playable over 2 different maps in the BETA.

In addition to this news Ubi Soft also released information on the games new companion service called ” The Ghost Recon Network”
This will be a free service and offer players of Ghost Recon a ” Call of Duty: Elite”  style service completely FREE. You will have the ability to use this service on your mobile devices ( Ipads and Iphones where shown) and on your PC. The features include access to your character customization and ” Gunsmith” . This means you can create loadouts and guns on the go and synchronize it with your profile so that when you get home to play your soldier is all spec’ed out and ready for battle. Not only that but the social networking integration is superb allowing you to upload to Facebook and also browse other players creations in gunsmith then download it to your arsenal for use in-game. Layer on the now standard heat maps and statistic tracking that these types of services come with and you have a well-rounded package that is sweet icing on a superb game.

Makes me wonder if Activision will come under fire from fans when they realize that this type of service should be FREE to begin with!


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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