DZ-DARREN~ Review: Operation Raccoon City

Editors Note:

I figured that a controversial game such as Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City needed an equally controversial review to go along with it.This game has such a split opinion of it within the gaming community I wanted to illustrate that opinion first hand by publishing two reviews of the game. You have all read my review that was published earlier in the week so now you can digest our UK contributor DZ-DARREN~’s take on the game and get a taste of how another gamers feels about the game.
This is a PS3 build  of the game as well. Let us know how you feel in the comments.RE:ORC is truly a game that has many people scratching their heads over conflicting opinions. 

In modern day gaming it’s become common sense to excitedly hype a game up before its release only to find that it never quite lives up to your expectations, or in some rare and demeanor cases, it does. In this analogical example Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is like having your child finish their education able to spell FUDGE with their results. Of course this plummet in expectation compared to reality should always have been conceived shall we consider in hindsight that just like dead island, all we’ve seen is video footage with no mass hands-on approach, similarly to most of those women i dated online, who turned out to be middle-aged asian men…. I hate you ‘No longer Lonely’. So anyway just to get started, for a kick-off, *SLAP. Thats to any of your resident evil fanboys that were about to open your damn mouth and try to argue anything I’ve already said or yet to say.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, if you remove a couple of letters, add a bunch more, and then swap them around is in fact an anagram of ; SOCOM: Confrontation 2. Yes that’s right ladies and gentleman this game was created by the unpromising and possibly most issue ridiculed game developer in the whole of Canada; Slant Six Games. SOCOM: Confrontation was a game ridiculed with bugs and undeniable game breaking issues, and while some people would argue that it turned out to be a reasonable good game now I’d like to take a moment to just slap them around the face too *SLAP, and remind them that making a game function reasonably 8 months after release is not a good moment of merit to highlight on any future CV Slant Six.


Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is based around the events between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3…. I don’t care what order the events occurred in, I’m putting them in damn numerical order, and as I’m sure you no doubt guessed, the game is based in Raccoon City (Give yourself a cookie :)), and while the game does act on a canon cycle of the story, the game does allow for some alterations to resident evil history, by some I mean one, and by alter history, I mean it happens at the end so nothing really changes. So essentially it has about as much bearing as finding Madeline Mccann after she’s been killed.. I for one chose to make that big decision to alter the history of resident evil and i can already hear the groaning and painful tears of Resident Evil fans as if I had just shot bambi. You play your part as a member of Umbrella’s Security Services – because presumably The Powerpuff Girls was already taken.

‘But the stories alright isn’t it Darren, I mean it’s a Resident Evil game! The story is going to be brilliant, I know it is, I just know….’*SLAP. If you want me to review it then stop stopping to ask make excuses to feed your inconsolable denial! ORC delivers what is quite possibly the driest and least constructed story in the Resident Evil universe’s history; your mission is to obtain the G-virus (presumably this created 50 cent) then remove all knowledge of Umbrella’s involvement in the outbreak (but then leave the one piece of evidence we wanted destroyed; Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City). A compelling story one of which you’d expect to have a reasonable amount of depth and interesting angles to play. But yet no; Missions objectives feel very linear, predictable and typically mundane. You never seem to be learning or seeing much new. In terms of enemies there were probably about 6 different common enemies across the story and nothing really changed; I think the very first DOOM had about as much story and variety to it, and in fact I don’t recall it even possessing a story. In terms of the characters stories; there’s little of interest about them, I tried looking into them a bit but found myself getting quite bored, and VECTOR was obviously meant to be their mystery card, but to be totally honest I couldn’t give a flying monkeys ball sack about his past, and he seems so emotionless, that I wouldn’t be surprised if his years of ‘training’ were simply spent in the Catholic church being passed around between a group of priests like a game of pass the parcel, and considering how iffy he is about being touched or communicated with… chances are he was. In terms of story length; its a close ensuing battle between ORC and premature ejaculators but I think the P.E’s grabbed it (so to speak) by a few seconds. I mean honestly this game doesn’t drag on (thank god!) but it definitely doesn’t hang around. It’s like buying a dodgy motor, taking it back the next day, only to discover the guys gone and when you arrive home so has your wife, and for any RE fans that now want to argue that in fact it’s a bit longer, *SLAP. The only reason that this game will possibly last you any longer, is due to the loading times taking about as long to load as the US government took to find Osama Bin Laden.

Gameplay wise, the games as flawed as the concept of Forrest Gump graduating college. Guns are weak, and by weak I am talking seriously weak, the amount of headshots a spec ops takes for example is ridiculous. I’m not sure if by spec they meant special, and by special they meant brain-dead, in which case that explains why headshots are so ineffective, then consider that this game contains Nemesis’s; big juggernaut like beings that absorb damage like a fat person does cake…. it’s fair to say you should cancel that date with your hand, you’re going to be here a while

, not that I’m hitting on masturbation, there’s nothing wrong with it; it’s sex with someone I love. Couple this with increased difficulty; lets just say by the time you’re playing on the professional difficulty; you might as well throw your gun at them, because grenades and bullets prove to be as effective as your attempts at dating.’But the cover system works fine doesn’t it Darren I mean its a cover system, pretty simple and straightforward how cover works right? Right?… ‘*SLAP *SLAP *SLAP *DROPKICK. I’m assuming that has answered your question, but let me go into more detail; you see most games consolidate use of a cover system into a button format of some kind, for example in rainbow six vegas; you held a button to stay up against cover, and could peek out. ORC looks at this format and decides its can do better by being worse. The cover system operates on a walk into it format, there is no button press, and it is incredibly flawed; the getting into cover part is so flawed that by the time you’ve actually pushed into the cover you’ve probably got enough holes in you to officially resemble cheddar cheese (especially if your four-eyes (I wonder how many people will get that)). Even once you’ve actually managed to enter cover half the time you find yourself poked halfway out of the side without even engaging the lean out function. Its like I’m permanently holding a taunt button, because spec ops soldiers seem to be more likely to hit me when I’m in cover. The abilities for the most are reasonable but not quite noticeable in the overall concept. Semtex’s with massively long detonation times, increased capacity for items and entity detection abilities to point out a few. All a bunch of recycled and moderate ideas until, hold on what’s this? VECTOR has a cloak ability, interesting…. I have just found a way to ruin the majority of the game for myself. Yes that’s right this game shares the same fundamentally flawed issue that Crysis 2 presented. In fact….. If you take Slant Six Games, remove a bunch of letters, replace them with some others, then oh my god…. you get Crytek!…. I’m joking, I’m joking. No of course not, there’s no exclamation mark in Slant Six Games.

Visual wise there is absolutely nothing special here, I think I’ve seen late PS2 and first out next-gen games compete with these graphics and come out of it winning as if it was Mike Tyson in a fight with an ear. Thats right this game by no means has minecraft graphics, but it definitely doesn’t seem to have any interest in competing with any graphically matured games out there, and if it’s not competing in this department, then I wonder where the hell they were trying too. Then there’s character appearance,which by the way there’s already alternative costumes for purchase from the stores, as if they couldn’t have made it an unlock in-game. But anyway as I was saying the costumes for the characters overall looks as if Capcom had an ongoing advertisement deal with S&M, I mean seriously some of these guys not only look, but also act like their straight from creepy Dave’s after dark ‘yoga’ group. It is as if these guys played GTA: San Andreas and have been obsessed with the gimp suit missions ever since… i’m surprised I didn’t find a dildo in one of the repetitively encountered bathrooms through the game, As for VECTOR, he’s got a hood, and made to look badass…. well done Slant Six, nothing like encouraging more hoody wearing thugs…. you heroes. Also is it just me or does Beltway’s head look abnormally small in comparison to his body. It reminds me of this creepy math teacher I had in secondary school. She was like a cross between Rubeus Hagrid and J. Wellington Wimpy. Yet then in contrast there’s HUNK; never have I seen a game in which a guy wearing a combat helmets head looked so huge. I mean i don’t know, did the dude ask for a few extra layers of protection on it? It’s no surprise that me and my teammates accidentally kept shooting him. In terms of audio, the detail is about average for a game of this generation, no real noticeable sound glitches, possibly one or two minor gun glitches that initiate in cinematics dependant on what is occurring when the cinematic starts. Although I would like to inquire to this; if VECTOR is meant to be of Asian origin, how come he sounds totally friggin American? I mean it says he’s of Asian origin and ethnicity… yet>?? Then of course as it typical there’s that usual deep-toned pronunciation of ‘Resident Evil’ at the start menu which actually really just sounds like a guy that needs to clear his throat and drink some cough medicine…. all that deep throat can wreak havoc on your voice.

For the love of god, shoot me!

‘But surely the Multiplayer Darren, the Multiplayer must be good, it makes up for all these issues, doesn’t it? I know it does. …’… I was going to slap you but now I just pity you. No the multiplayer doesn’t earn the game a reprimand, at least not from me. Whilst the multiplayer has some nice ideas floating about, it’s essentially dragged down already solely by all the issues with gameplay that make it an inconsolable wreck. The multiplayer in terms of what it adds in contrast to what I’ve already mentioned isn’t much; there are four game modes, and then in desperate measures the game also has an any game mode option and one which includes and rotates through all four game modes. The four game modes are Team Attack; which is essentially Team Deathmatch, but Slant Six wanted to be different… I guess that explains the gimp suits for the U.S.S…. Biohazard; which is basically retrieving samples and returning them to your base, a bit like CTF. When in possession of the sample the zombies seem more aggressive towards you, I like to imagine that I’m a drug courier collecting cocaine for my drug lord, and that all the zombies are merely junkies trying to steal the goods. Heroes; is essentially a team leader game mode, the objective is to kill all the heroes of the opposing team to win, already dead players will spawn back as one of the 6 playable characters from the over game modes. Then there’s survivor, probably the most interesting concept but poorly executed, essentially 8 players fight it out for a place on a helicopter with only 4 places. I sort of expected some of race to the finish while tripping up and distracting your teammates and enemies on the way. But essentially the helicopter lands in the middle and you all sprawl to the center trying to hold the cross button first. Then there’s the Unlock system. ‘But why did you take so long to mention it Darren, it’s in the single player t….’*SLAP. Yes indeed the unlock system is in existence in all parts of the game, but essentially the area it is most noticeable as a balancing factor is in the Multiplayer. Some of the weapon put players at a phenomenal advantage, for example the samurai edge pistol is generally a quick killer, coupled with the aim assist quick draw function assigned usually to L2, well you’ve got a serious balancing issue. On other balancing issues it would be fair to point at shotguns; due to how weak most guns are in this game it’s usually beneficial just to use a shotgun simply due to there’s little risk of a measly assault rifle dropping you before you reach the guy.

Then there is co-op, practically nothing really changes from the single-player experience except you have someone else to blame when everything goes tits up. Although there are two major points I’ve saved for here that I could have mentioned earlier. Due to the flawed, weakly constructed story that would struggle to stand up and fight its corner against a 2 year old’s bedtime story, it’s fair to say you want to do the campaign in co-op, simply because with such little gripping the player in a compelling way that would pull them through the linear story you find yourself getting incredibly bored on your own. Second reason; the AI is so damn retarded I think they stole it from a release on the sega megadrive, I mean seriously usually squad based friendly AI’s have their issues, but these guys are ridiculously stupid. I remember this one time when I was passing through an archive room and all Beltway kept doing was setting off and running into trip mines. Well holy fuck, look who thinks they’re the messiah. It was as if somewhere in the AI’s programming someone had simply written some lines that specified for Beltway to act like a jihad. Obviously a miscommunication between departments meant Beltway never got his Jihad warcry :’(.

‘Darren don’t you think you’ve been a bit harsh I mea….’ *SLAP. So there you have it folks Operation Raccoon City; a dried up attempt at exploiting the richly popular raccoon city. An attempt that going by the developers history will actually probably prove successful and fully functional in another 6-8 months, I hope you all appreciate the significant torture I had to go through in S&M hell to obtain this insight of the game. I was going to shoot myself in the head…. but then I realised; This is an ORC gun, it would probably take longer to shoot myself to death than it would take to complete the story, so maybe on that note ORC shouldn’t change, because if it had then I wouldn’t have gotten past the first chapter.



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