Tournament Results: Space Marine 8v8

On April 15 4 teams comprised of 8 players each came together and faced off against each other in EVO Gaming League’s first ever Space Marine tournament.
This was a 8v8 ” Ground Control” format , Double Elimination event. Teams where made up of the following clans, the Blood Angels, The White Scars, The Deathwatch, and the Space Wolves.
Below is the match breakdown for the event.
Round 1
Space Wolves 2 White Scars 0
Blood Angels 2 Deathwatch 0
Round 2
White Scars 2 Deathwatch 0
Space Wolves 2 Blood Angels 1
Round 3
Blood Angels forfitted due to team members leaving
White Scars move forward into the championship match
Championship match
Space Wolves 2 White Scars 1
EVO Gaming Unlimited had a chance to run a few question by the captain of the Space wolves ( Gamertag: Skotten) on all things Space Marine and his thoughts on the event plus the possibility of future events.
EVO: Hello “Skotten” Thanks for taking time to chat today. Congratulations on your win today in the EGL Space Marine tournament; how do you feel about the results?
A: Thanks, and also and i think i speak for everyone involved thanks for setting up the tournament. We are really pleased with our win, it was not easy i can tell you, after six hours of some extremely serious gaming and fun we stood battered and bloody but victorious, and i would like to thank the White Scars, Blood Angels, and the Deathwatch for making this event what it was, the best Sace Marine gaming experience we’ve had to date. All the matches were extremely intense, with teams adapting and counter adapting constantly, having to switch tactics on the fly, and the balance of the game balancing on a knife’s edge with the lead swing first one way and then the other, with some of the matches being as close as 50 points.
EVO: Is this the first event of this kind that your team has  taken part in?
A: This is the first proper organised tournament the Space wolves have participated in yes, we are a relitivley new group that has only been playing together since February. However we have already started making a name for ourselves prior to this event, having played all the participating teams previously, and this was in fact our first proper win Vs the previously undefeated  White Scars and the Blood Angels, which we are extremely excited about.
EVO: We have gotten a lot of turned noses at the fact EVO Gaming UNLIMITED is endorsing a game that is not a AAA title and one that arguably is not up to competitive gaming standards. Do you have any comments about that?
A: Personally i feel that Space Marine is one of the best online gaming experiences i have had. Both myself and a huge portion of not only the Space Wolves chapter but the entire Gothic Wars community are mature players who have been playing some sort of video game for decades, and we find this game to be better in multiplayer than many of what might be considered the big names in the genre. And i would hope that the next time an event like this comes up that more people can be involved, and can discover that if you simply organise yourselves a little bit, this game has so much more to offer, we have found that during private matches such as we played in this tournament, the lag issues are mostly gone as you can choose who hosts the game and that host is fixed. And given the wealth of match type options, and once the DLC content is added, a wide choice of maps, this game has a lot  of variety available for players.
EVO: The Space Marine community is a very close knit group and I have found that you have embraced the lore of the franchise to the point of naming your team after the various chapters in the lore. What makes you guys so great and why do other games not have a community like this?
A:  A lot of players have come from the Games Workshop table-top game, whether it is recently or sometime ago, and therefore have a good knowledge of the universe from before, and i believe that it is this combination of a love of the lore and the gaming experience that this game offers the players that is the reason most people who get involved in it get hooked. And it is the ability to be able to discuss all the different facets of the 40K universe that has given the Space Marine community something other games cannot offer. Also, and I think that the majority of chapters have experienced the same, the Space Wolves chapter has become more than merely being a clan, and has deleoped into it’s own social network, with true friendships being developed.
EVO: What makes Space Marine different from other games using a similar perspective and tone?
A; I think a lot of the strength comes from the background of the 40K universe, and the fact that Space Marine is just the most recent addition in a long line of video game titles set in this universe. And it is worth remembering that Warhammer 40,000 has just celebrated 25 years, and what other video game today can boast such a long heritage and development of it’s background, and the universe that it is set in? I have also heard that quite a few people have started collecting miniatures as well as getting more involved in the lore of the various factions in the 40K universe, and it is the fact that new people are going to continue coming to this game via the route of the table-top experience that is going to give the this game a longevity that no other game can expect. Also the campaign story is amazing, one of the best i’ve seen in a game, and myself, and i know many others, have played through it several times.
EVO: What would you like to see from EVO in the future as far as Space Marine events and to that point do you see you and your team continuing to embrace the game in light of newer titles coming in the year?
A: I would love for EVO to repeat this type of event, and if possible have more teams, and split the rounds over a number of days, to allow for time differences and so on. And should any future events come the Wolves stand ready. As for newer titles, we saw a drop in numbers online when Mass Effect 3 came out, but within a week those players were back on Space Marine. I think i speak for not only for the Wolves but the entire Gothic Wars community along with all the other dedicated players who have been playing the game for some time, that we we will continue playing this game regardless of any other titles coming, in fact i think the only thing that would pull us away would be Space Marine 2 or another 40k title.
EVO: I want to thank you guys again for participating in the event and without your suppport we wouldnt have been able to organize it. Your community is truly a shining example to other gaming communitys out there.
A: On behalf of the Space Marine communtiy thank you, and again for all who participated i want to the thank yourself and the rest of EVO for allowing us this chance to play in this tournament which is an experience that we will all remember and be talking about for some time to come.
The Space Wolves are the reigning champions...for now"
Interview conducted by : Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

5 thoughts on “Tournament Results: Space Marine 8v8”

  1. This tourney was truly epic and a real standard bearer for the game itself thankyou so much for organising it and would say to anyone thinking of getting involved “do it do it do it best gaming experience I’ve ever had!”

  2. Wish the Dark Angels could have been there, but congrats to the Space Wolves for their victory.

  3. I would love to keep the fires of Space Marine alive but the main community I was dealing with and who attended the events became very controlling and strict as to the organization of such events. There was also alot of clan fighting going on . I would love to revisit this game so long as the servers are still running and help support the community in an organized fashion.
    I have moved on to a new adventure with competitive gaming and my new company is called ” PRO” . Basically EVO Unlimited 2014…new branding and a new direction. I have a facebook page here and if you have a pull in the community I would love it if y ou could link everyone who plays space marine. My formal web site is being worked on and will launch in December.

    Facebook page:

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