Whats up with EVO in 2012?

Hello everyone. It’s that time again where I take a step back and reflect on what’s happening here at EVO Gaming Unlimited and what we have planned moving forward into the year.

Its been a rollercoaster ride over the past few months and we have seen our community grow by leaps and bounds . Most of the activity has been centralized here at our media hub ‘”EVO UNLIMITED” but it has been nice  to see everyone stopping by our social networking sites ( Facebook and twitter) as well as our official site for the EVO Gaming League.

Well the good news is there are more exciting things coming for the rest of the year and while I don’t have all the details and logistics worked out I can share with you guys some of the plans we have both short-term and long.

Before I launch into that I want everyone to know that I am in the process of redesigning our official company website. The current one is a product of some hard work and a supplied tool set that I am using. In April I started a new path in life as a web designer. I am finishing off my course in June and will be redesigning our website along the way using my new-found skills . Our new URL will be www.evogamingunlimited.com and I encourage everyone to stop by and see the progress I am making. This site will be linked off that one or you can continue to use the direct URL you have been using. Our official site ( www.evogames.ca) will be transitioned over to this new URL.

In the next few days we will finally be adding a FORUMS section to the official site that will allow for our clans  and teams to speak their mind and start interacting with other community members. The forums will be home to our competitive community ( The EVO Gaming League) but I hope that casual players will stop by and see what it’s all about. Look for that announcement shortly.

Here are some other things that are happening and that you can look forward to seeing from us this year.

  • Ghost Recon Future soldier will be a big focus for us! Look for clan support and many competitive events centered around this game

    GRFS could very well be a HUGE hit in the market!
  • Playstation 3 will find a home with EVO Gaming UNLIMITED. We have brought on an official PS3 staff member who will be running all of our PS3 events and speaking to the community directly. We don’t have a full game line up as to which games we will be supporting but the fact that we are embracing this community is a big step for us here!
  • Website redesign. As I mentioned above, our official site will be getting a facelift very soon but retain all its functionality and information about the EGL
  • Existing game support. We plan on supporting several titles throughout the year despite them not being AAA titles. Examples are Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city and Space Marine.
  • New games will be added to the EGL. Look for the new Medal of Honor and of course HALO4 to be added to our event portfolio and we will be evaluating the Call of Duty when it’s released; if its good and balanced it will find a home in the EGL.

    time will tell if this even happens and if it is even any good
  • Forums. This site will be added within the week and allow for our community to interact with one another. If you need help with forum related stuff I will be here to assist anyone. If you are wanting a forum ” signature” for your profile just message me and I would be glad to help out as it helps me practice for school.
  • More tournaments! We are hoping to host approx 4 events per month on varying platforms as well as rolling out official ” Leagues” to players who have organized clans. We are also hoping to make the transition to paid events as well as our traditionally FREE ones. This will take the seriousness up a notch as you will need to pay an entry fee but potentially see a return on your investment via prizing.
  • Battlefield 3 may or may not make an appearance in the EGL. Despite the fact that I love the game it is really going to boil down to our ability to pull that community into our fold. If they embrace our company and our system of organizing events than I’ll make it happen. I am sceptical but hope that we will see it happen.
  • Sponsorship. I have been working on strengthening relationships with various organizations to allow  them access to our community for advertising and hopefully in exchange for prizing support at our events. Community discounts and perks are all things I am exploring. Dont be surprised if you see some familiar logos showing up on our official site or attached to upcoming tournaments!

My overarching goal for EVO Gaming UNLIMITED is to create an energy within the competitive gaming community that makes it more about the players and teams involved and less about faceless numbers of gamers playing random matches over XBLX or PSN. At EVO everyone will have a moment in the spotlight. Its you the gamers that make all this possible and I want to be your home and your stage to shine.

Dwayne ” EVO Knight” Morash


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