EVO Gaming Unlimited FORUMS now LIVE!

Without further ado I present EVO Gaming Unlimited’s official Forums. For those of you who dont know what this is all about let me explain it.

The Forums will allow you the EVO community member to sign up and start communicating with other members of our community in live chat and or forum posting. You will have the option to create a new profile including a unique avatar and forum signature ( I am extending my graphic design skills to anyone who wants a custom sig).

You will find several forum areas centered around our competitive gaming line up and also a section for general posting.

Moving forward we will be using these forums as our official recruiting hub and discussion regarding the various tournaments we are running will all be contained here for everyone to access.

I HIGHLY recomend everyone who is or wants to be involved with this community to take the time and create an account over on the boards and start getting involved by posting and chatting.

I will be making appearences on the boards every week at a designated time for live chat events so that you can ask me questions that you may have.

Not only that but we hope to attract some high profile people to also conduct simular chats over the year.

The boards will be run by myself  and two other moderators. You will be able to identify them by their signatures so make sure you reach out to them for questions if you have them.

Get involved now and thank all of you for being a part of EVO Gaming UNLIMITED!

Official EVO Gaming UNLIMITED forums 


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