Putting the “PRO” in proffesional gamer: An interview with Tyler Mozingo

EVO Unlimited was honored to have a MLG pro take time from his day to day sessions of ass kicking other player to speak with us about what it means to be a PRO level gamer and how to keep focused in an industry that temps you to play so many games month after month
EVO: Hi Calm. can I call you that or do you prefer MG or Mentally?
A: You can call me Tyler, i don’t really like being called by my gamer tag *laughs*
EVO: Before we get going I wanted to clarify for our readers out there…are you or do you consider yourself a “PRO” gamer and if so what defines that title for you?
A:I consider myself a “PRO” player yes. What separates “pros” from “amateurs” is their dedication and drive to get better. The only way to get better at really any game is to practice how you play, meaning you go as hard as you can every game no matter what is or isn’t on the line. You can only climb from there and playing with better people also helps improve your game.
EVO: I have had the opportunity to see you play in a couple events now and there is no denying your skill and specifically in the HALO field. What did you have to do to attain that level of ability and do you find it hard to keep it up to the level that you demand of yourself?
A:Being on a professional level at any game demands a lot of time and dedication and especially practice…LOTS of practice.
EVO :Do you find that certain genre’s of games or game mechanics are more conducive to you succeeding at them ie. FPS versus Third Person shooters?
A: Well majority of FPS players do have a little bit of trouble when switching to or trying out a 3rd person shooter mainly in the beginning. Once I or other FPS players get used to the movement and physics it’s pretty much a slay fest from there *laughs*
EVO:The game industry seems to be a never-ending onslaught of new games and specifically within the shooting genre. Being a devout HALO player what do you look for in an other shooting games in order to add it to your portfolio?
A: A few things i look for are competitiveness, smooth gameplay and good ol having fun at the same time as performing.
EVO:  So off the HALO topic for a minute…What games have you been playing lately or have you stuck with that franchise loyally?
A: Im not just a devout halo fan; i play a variety of other games such as Battlefield 3 for instance. I’ve been playing this constantly since it’s been out.
EVO: Tell us about that a bit more ie. what is your driving force that makes you play that particular game?
A: Not only is Battlefield 3 really enjoyable and realistic but there is also a 1.6 Million dollar tournament coming up soon so I’ve been practicing really hard for that.
EVO: You recently participated in the Gottacon 2012  HALO Reach Event; tell us about that experience and what it was like to play up here in Canada vs your home in the US.
A: I had an amazing in Canada especially with my gaming buddies Vorlin, ExceL and Conker. Gottacon was definitely a change for me only because I hadn’t played halo 2 weeks leading up to the tournament but i still managed to take the W. It was a really fun experience for me i hope i can make it for next years Gottacon!!!
EVO: Are you planning on participating in any events this year regardless of what game it is?
A:Besides the BF3 tournament im not really focusing on any other game. If there are some local tournaments around me for halo or something i will for sure be attending but as far as MLG Events go im putting those on hold until Halo 4 comes out.
EVO: For all of our readers out there who want to get into competitive gaming but are not sure about the community that drives it what can you give them for advice to make a easy transition from casual gamer to Competitive gamer?
A: Like i said the best things to do to transition from a casual gamer to a competitive gamer are 1) Dedication 2) Practice 3) Drive   if you have those 3 key elements you will be a competitive game in no time!!
EVO: Thank you very much for taking sometime and speaking with us today and I hope we hear all about your online exploits as the year goes on.
A: It was an honor to be interview by the one and only Dwayne!! If you ever wanna do other interviews don’t hesitate to ask!!
Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash

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