Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City Survivor Tournament Update

Once again we are on the eve of another Raccoon City tournament for our XBOX360 community. This event will be centered around a specific game type called ” Survivor’ with some very specific game rules. Below you will find a summary of the event that will be taking place on Friday at 6pm pst. As always any questions can be directed to and of course our newly created forums page here

Date: April 27th

Time: 6pm pst

Format: Single match double elimination Game Rules: Survivor format. Teams play a game of survivor with the winning team moving on while the losing team goes to the losers bracket. Every team is allowed to lose twice before being disqualified.

Registered Teams: 

Fox Hound
Knights of the Living Dead
Boomstick Ninjas
Nemesis ( Needs 1 more member)
Vapor Trail ( needs 2 more members)

We have 1 more team opening if you have a team and want to enter!

Friday is going to be an exciting night and I cant wait to lock down another event in a game that most have dismissed.

If we keep getting excitement like this I can definatley see another event in the works for May!


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash



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