Tournament Results: RE Operation Raccoon City Survivor April 27th

The streets of Raccoon city where filled with blood on April 27th.  Five teams of players competed in the EVO Gaming Leagues 2nd Resident Evil tournament for the XBOX360  since the games launch in March.

The format this time was ” Survivor” and required the winning team to make sure his team occupied the majority of the Rescue Helecopter’s seats at the conclusion of the match. If there was ties as far as the players aboard ” da choppa” then the highest scoring character who was on board dictated what team won.

Here are the results of the and a snapshot of the final tournament grid.

1st Place: Fox Hound

2nd Place: Resistance

3rd Place:Knights of the living Dead

4th Place: Boomstick Ninjas

5th Place: Nemesis

Gameplay Videos are linked below as well courtesey of Team Fox Hound


Make sure you stay tuned to and this site for info on our May Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city event….It might just make a HERO out of you!

Dwayne”EVO Knight”Morash


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