How to make some friends ONLINE in competitive gaming

“We all know the feeling. Up late at night playing < INSERT FAVOURITE MULTI PLAYER GAME> and coming up short on the score board. Cant seem to get your shit together and nothing is going your way.

Worse yet you’re getting booted out of game lobbies by the host because your sucking so bad and you don’t have any of your friends online to talk to when your feeling down.

When you’re in the middle of a session like this Team Work takes a back seat to frustration and quite possibly a full on rage quitting binge! 

No one dares admit it and shudder if you speak the words out loud but it appears my friend….you have no friends!”

Now this is a pretty dramatic example and in most cases our friends list is full but on those days where you really need them most they are nowhere to be found and you are left alone to fend for yourself.

In a game like Ghost Recon, Battlefield or even Gears of War this could bring an end to your planned evening of enjoyable gaming. So what is a dedicated gamer supposed to do in a situation like that?

Simple…Make new friends!

Now this may sound like a simple thing to do , it’s actually a lot trickier than you may think. The online gaming community is filled with diverse personality and not all of them want to make new friends as much as you do.

I have created a top 10 list on how to reach out online and top up your friends list with some peeps that may eventually replace some of those deadbeat friends in RL who never want to play with you.

1: Be social. If you hear crickets in your game lobby or better yet no one is talking in-game when the bullets are flying; be the guy who breaks the ice. Start talking strats or how nice the weather is. All good friendships start somewhere and it may as well be in a game of Battlefield when RPGs are flying over head or helicopters are raining led down on you.

2: Compliment your fellow team mates. ” Great Job” ” Nice Shot” ” Awesome Kill steal buddy”  These are all acceptable and nothing is to complimentary when you’re talking to your own team mates. The best way to a gamers heart is to compliment them on a job well done on the virtual battlefield.

3: Compliment your opponents. Who sais potential friends can only be found on your own team. Tak a minute to congrats your enemy on plastering your face all over the wall and he may just decide to click that accept button when you send him a friend request.

Raging is not a healthy path to making new ONLINE friends

4: “Make the first move”: Dont wait for a friends request that may or may not ever happen. Send one out and see what happens. The worst case scenario is that they wont accept. I spent the first few months on Xbox Live asking everyone I thought had a cool name to be my friend…because they had a cool name!

5: Send a friendly message: If ” face to face” compliments aren’t your thing then send them a message complimenting them after the match. Think of it as a text message from an admirer. I’m sure the thought you put into the message will have the recipient scrambling to be on your friends list

6: Form a squad and invite someone to it. Nothing is more direct than plain out saying ” You rock and I want you on my squad!” A squad invite is a painless and quick way to make a new friend.

7:Congratulate everyone. Be the nice guy for once. Congratulate your team and hell while you’re at it congratulate your opponent. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a few friend requests of your own from someone.

8: Dont smack talk . Resist the urge to smack talk. No one likes the guy in the lobby who wont shut up about how good he is and how much everyone else sucks, let alone wanting to be on his friends list.

Yeah we get it...your awesome and we suck...can we move on now?

9: Dont Rage. This is the hardest thing of all when you’re having a bad night. Unlike smack talking which pisses people off; rage quitting and or raging in general will just make you the laughing-stock of your game. Trust me everyone is always laughing and making fun of the ” Rager” at work the next day around the water cooler.

10: Dont Suck. This is a catch 22. You are sucking because you have no friends/team mates to play with but the reality is that no one wants to be friends with the guy who just dragged his team to the pits of hell on the scoreboard.

Man up and  get the job done. That will show them why you are the guy who they should be a friend.

Making friends is not an exact science and can in itself be a frustrating experience but it’s always nice to get some new blood into your friends list once in awhile. I know I try to purge my list every few months or so and make sure my friends list is actually filled with peeps I game with and not just people who think I have a cool name..errr…wait!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


2 thoughts on “How to make some friends ONLINE in competitive gaming”

  1. It’s a nice list to consider to making friends online — not just in the gaming world but outside of life as well. I’ve had a very hard time making friends online now these days and dealt with personal problems with no one that much to talk to and wished I had many of them that would support me. It seems like there are a lot of a-holes out there and not enough good people to relate to. Even if I’m not a gamer — It’s still a good alternative list to use. Thanks.

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