Black Ops 2 Debut trailer

Okay Boys and Girls…Its here! Another year and another Call of Duty game. I seem to go through this every year. That feeling of anticipation and hopefulness. The thought that maybe this year will be the year that we finally get a NEW Call of Duty game that actually dares to innovate and take some chances. A call of Duty that is actually running on a new game engine that delivers a better graphics engine. A call of Duty that doesn’t cater to unskilled players and rewards players for cheating and hacking.

When Black Ops 2 was ” announced” I was quick to crank up the sarcasm. I mean come on..I didnt see that one coming! I was expecting to hear about a game that was a cut and paste of the first game. More zombies and more killstreak rewards.

Imagine my surprise when I saw some leaked screenshots and artwork !

Black Ops 2 looks like its jumping into the ” near future” timeline!

To define “Near Future” for all you readers that basically means it isn’t taking place in the late 60’s-70’s. By the looks of it you aren’t sneaking around in the bushes of Vietnam or wartime bunkers in Russia.

This is a whole new beast !

Check back for more details as they start to flood in!


Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


One thought on “Black Ops 2 Debut trailer”

  1. This looks amazing, thanks for sharing this piece of information! I will definitely take it on board what you said. But really, I’m so excited about Black Ops 2!
    Check out Black Ops 2 for loads more information!

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